Connacht head coach Pete Wilkins will support a countdown clock in rugby

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Connacht head coach Pete Wilkins welcomed the introduction of a countdown timer to help speed up the race.

World Rugby is considering introducing timers for scrambles, lines and goal kicks, according to the BBC.

This season’s rivalry has been hampered by lengthy delays, with Connacht’s game against the Bulls in September taking more than two hours to complete.

“There’s a real plus,” Wilkins replied when asked about the possibility of a countdown timer.

“Anything that speeds up the game for the audience. but also brings rhythm to the game. It will bring more excitement and opportunities to players. I fully support anything that accelerates the game.

“The significance of any change These are ensuring resources and consistency in delivery methods. Either the shot clock on the field or the match officials needed to check. It must be consistent and available.

“If so Everything will be better for the game.”

The pace of Saturday’s derby between Munster and Connacht was disrupted by the time it took to scramble. including necessary drinking breaks It led to frustration among supporters, players and coaches as well.

“Fighting has been a hot topic for several seasons in terms of how long it takes,” Wilkins said.

That’s a catch 22 if they want the scrum to work and not collapse all the time. They will take longer to make sure all the bits are in the correct place for that to happen. I sympathize with that. Even if it’s not that point, it must be.

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“The hard thing is probably taking scheduled water breaks. I fully understand the intention to keep as many runners off the track as possible. Interferes with gameplay and slows down the game. But often during those 20-minute breaks when we have a drink break, it’s like the team is building momentum or looking to counter that momentum from the opposition.

“Of course, as a coach it can be frustrating. I don’t know what the perfect solution is. But hopefully we are moving in the right direction.”

Connacht’s fifth defeat of the season at Thomond Park leaves them 13th in the BKT United Rugby Championship and are in must-win territory when Benetton visits the Sportsground on Saturday.

Connacht’s rating of 134 is the lowest in the URC and Wilkins says it’s important they develop a more brutal attack advantage.

“We are hard to beat in terms of the resistance we face. Our set pieces worked well. and we are creating opportunities But we have to be more precise and efficient in finishing those chances and turning them into points,” he said.

“Whether it’s near the line, playing in defense or attacking, these are all opportunities for us to score goals. We have to collect points.”

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