Cristiano Ronaldo Only Dropped 45 Minutes in the Riyad All Star vs PSG Match

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Al-Nassr player, Cristiano Ronaldo. (Photo: Reuters)

Cristiano Ronaldo will soon have his debut match in Saudi Arabia in a friendly match against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Ronaldo is not playing for his new club, Al Nassr, but with the combined team of Al Nassr and Al Hilal, namely the Riyadh All Star and is predicted to only play for at least 45 minutes.

Yes, Ronaldo’s journey in Saudi Arabia will finally begin soon. However, he will not wear the clothes of his new club, Al Nassr, which of course the club’s fans have really been waiting for.

Even so, the enthusiasm to see Ronaldo with the Riyadh All Star against PSG is still very big. Because there is a chance that Ronaldo will face Messi in a friendly match which will take place at the King Fahd Stadium, Riyadh, Arab on Friday 20 January 2023.

If that scenario really happens, then it is most likely Ronaldo vs Messi’s last meeting. This is inseparable from the difference in the competition that Messi and Ronaldo are currently in, CR7 in the Saudi Arabian League alias in Asia, while Messi plays for PSG who appears in the French League, Europe.

It’s no wonder that tickets for the Riyadh All Star vs PSG match are currently being sought. According to a report from ESPN, Wednesday (18/1/2023), the friendly match had two million requests for tickets online because many wanted to watch that history.

It seems that many football fans, especially in Saudi Arabia, don’t want to miss the last moment of the meeting between Ronaldo vs Messi. Interestingly, it is predicted that CR7 will not play the full game in this friendly match.

According to reports from ESPN journalists, Rodrigo Faez, the captain of the Portugal National Team (Timnas) will only play at least 45 minutes. It could be more, but chances are he will only play one half.

Unfortunately, Faez did not reveal whether Ronaldo would play from the first round or only play in the second half. However, if Messi is played from the first minute, then there is a possibility that Ronaldo will also play in the first half.

Of course, Ronaldo and Messi will try to win for their pride. However, for PSG, any results in that match will still make them happy because in fact the team nicknamed Les Parisiens has already made a profit of 10 million euros or approximately IDR 163 billion from participating in this friendly match in Saudi Arabia.

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