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2021 was a year full of first events, but it was a familiar one for Manchester City.
Pep Guardiola, who is almost dominated by the New Year, had already won two trophies in early May.
With seven months to go, they are leading the Premier League table at Christmas and are set to win the English title for the fourth time under a famous Catalan coach.
City, who still look great, are the envy of European football – at least on the pitch.
But for one thing, they still won the Champions League five and a half years ago at the club’s tiki-taka era.

Guardiola won his third Premier League title in May

Many were skeptical of Liverpool’s credentials to reclaim the trophy from Liverpool in January, and the Reds have struggled to recover from an injury crisis, with Guardiola’s side losing 20 points and a lack of strikers this season. injured Sergio Aguero.
But by 2021, three days later, City filed a lawsuit to beat Chelsea 3-1 at Stamford Bridge to show that they are truly a team that has learned to fear in the recent history of English football.
The victory came at the start of a 21-game winning streak in all competitions, ending in March with fierce rivals and nearest rivals Manchester United.

Most notably, Liverpool’s 4-1 win at empty Anfield was Phil Foden’s best time, while Ilkay Gundogan will continue his tough form of goal-scoring and end the season as the top scorer.

They finished the league relatively well, scoring 86 points and 12 points against the Red Devils.
“It’s an unprecedented season and a Premier League title. It was the hardest,” Guardiola said after winning his third title under his tutelage.
“We will always remember winning this season. I’m very proud to be here and to coach this team. They are really special.”
Their domestic success, as well as their fourth consecutive League Cup victory, allowed Guardiola’s men to focus on European exploitation, which was low in previous years under Barcelona’s former boss.
Even Aguero, who recently had to retire due to health problems, scored two goals in his last game for Everton and was sent off.
City, who were aiming to secure a Champions League quarter-final defeat in 2020, were preparing to play Paris Saint-Germain in the semi-finals, and then that happened.

Aguero left Manchester City at the end of last season

The European Super League was announced, and at the same time caused a stir throughout English football.
Don’t worry, two days later, the five other Premier League champions rushed out.
Citizens removed both legs of PSG and booked a ticket to Porto to meet Chelsea.
History has been on the side of the Blues, who have beaten City in the FA Cup semi-finals and league since the appointment of Thomas Tuchel in February.
Guardiola also failed to break the deadlock, with Kai Haverz scoring the only goal of the game to give Chelsea a second European crown.
So in the summer months, it came back on the billboard, and Jack Grealish signed for £ 100 million, but it seemed like a Sky Blues exchange window was centered around a man named Harry Kane.

Guardiola still wants to win the Champions League with Manchester City

Tottenham Hotspur seem to be preparing for the season, but it is clear that they do not want to leave the mascot for 160 million pounds.
After the signing of the Grialis contract, Citizens were less likely to break England’s transfer record again, and Kane was forced to give up hope of moving to Manchester.
And against whom will City start the season? Spurs.

Tottenham won 1-0, but the England captain did not play, but before Christmas he scored just two goals in the Premier League, and Guardiola’s attack increased dramatically to take a three-point lead.
Not everything was disappointing in the summer window, because the needy Bernardo Silva would still be the best player of the season if it were not for Mohamed Salah.
Their campaign that inspired Lionel Messi to beat PSG in the Champions League group stage this season and beat Crystal Palace again at home in the League Cup with West Ham United and lost the Community Shield to Leicester City. .
Whether it’s a 2-2 draw at Anfield (this time in public) or a stunning 1-0 win over title champions Chelsea, Guardiola knows he has the potential and the hunger to bring silverware back to his team.
Kevin De Bruyne was slow to return at his best, Joao Canselo reaffirmed that he is a world-class winger, and the absence of a ninth-seeded player for the Citizens does not pose a real problem for them, as they continue to attack three times. Well, really better.

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