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The Apple trophy, presented by Washington Gov. Jay Insley, was presented to Washington state head coach Jake Dicker.
Did something happen yesterday? I’m doing something necessary other than Washington State, I mean.
If you had an adult drink last night and told a friend that you thought the Cougars would make Jake Dicker the full-time football captain, you’d be fine. You saw it coming.
Then I saw everyone coming again.
After last month, especially after the last 48 hours, it was inevitable. The expulsion of former coach Nick Rolovich from campus was led by 38-year-old defensive coordinator Dicker, who did enough to prove he was the right man for the job. It ‘s time.
Washington needed someone to quell the riots. Who will put the players first? Whoever receives any lucky sling or arrow will roll with them. Washington needed normalcy.
The cougars got it. Only by keeping the peace did Dicker win the job.
As the Democrats and Republicans continued to talk, they won a triple game, including WSU’s first Apple Cup.
Yes, from ancient times.
Now Cougar believers must show a character that is rare among such groups. Patience. It may take some time for Washington to reach its final height again.
We are not talking about the upcoming cup. Cougars are better knitted than anyone else, and an experienced team is ready to play for each other. This is a nut that is hard to break.
No, we’re talking on the road. And a little way. There were a few young stars, but the group was led by their seniors. Max Borgi. Jahad Woods. Price Calvin Jackson Abe Lucas. Jaylen Watson.
Washington State is losing a lot. It doesn’t help much in Rolovich’s self-destructive recruitment class, which has been in limbo for months. Out of pity for their former coach and his vaccine position, there could be one or two sudden passes. It will be necessary to create new staff. He brought in a new player through the portal, and maybe one or two Dr. Peppers.
Whatever happens, the Cougars will be different when the camp reopens next August. Significantly different. And it probably hasn’t improved.
There should be two wins in the preseason game (both Idaho and Colorado at Martin Stadium). (Wisconsin) There’s a game that’s hard to break. Five difficult Pac-12 games, including Arizona, Oregon, California, Utah and the Apple Cup. A road game? Arizona, Oregon husband, Stanford, USC.
This could be a difficult first full season for Dickert. If his team is disappointed in Colorado at the end of September, how much support will he get from alumni and supporters? It would be better to have a lot. After all, he was their choice. They made it easy on Pat Chung. There is no need for a nationwide investigation. Dickert gained a wave of support and goodwill by allowing his team to finish the season normally. On Friday night in Montlake, he was hired for a full-time job.
Now he will try to bring this energy to long-term success. Short time? It will be a little harder.


WSU: Of course, Dicker’s hiring is the biggest news from Pullman on Saturday. The news aired in the afternoon, prompting the Cougars to admit it was necessary before nightfall. This is the story of Colton Clark Dickert’s ascension to heaven. … Before the news broke, Colton talked about what would happen during the cup season. Oregon’s defeat in Eugene will give Washington state a break over the coming weekend. … Yesterday in Pullman, not everything was like a rainbow or cotton candy. Kyle Smith’s basketball team scored 19 points in the first half and lost away to East Washington. Yes, the EWU team has already lost to UC Davis and Texas State. Taylor Newquist covered the game.
Geoff Crimmins took pictures of the race. … On Pac-12 and other parts of college football, John Wilner covers Saturday night’s Mercury News and covers the weekend. … Oregon and Utah will fight again in Las Vegas on Friday night. The Duck took the lead with an early lead over Oregon and raced for the win. … There was an anonymous fight in the second half of the match.

Utah turned the tragic season into something better. … Notre Dame kept the CFP’s hopes alive by beating the troubled Stanford 45-14. The Cardinal have lost their last seven games. … BYU won 5-0 against Pac-12 in a football match and beat USC 35-31 at the Colosseum last night. There will be no cup games for Trojans. … California will not play bowling after losing 42-14 to the Rose Bowl last night against the USC next Saturday. UCLA seems to be finishing the season energetically, which is important for the Bruins and Chip Kelly. … It came as no surprise that Arizona handled Arizona so easily. But what happened next was a real shock. Herm Edwards is set to return for another year, curse the NCAA investigation. … Wild cats make too many mistakes to be disappointed. … Colorado hopes to lay the groundwork for a revival next year. … According to basketball news, Washington lost another game at home to Winthrop, who lost to Pulman that night. … Arizona had no problems with Sacramento and dominated internally and externally, 105-59. … Maybe Wild Cats are doing very well, but one of the reasons Washington isn’t is one player. … UCLA was right, too, and traveled to Las Vegas to crush the rebels. … BYU Utah suffered its first defeat, crushing Utes in Salt Lake City. … Oregon was defeated again. … The Pac-12 game kicks off this week with a few games for everyone.
Gonzaga: There will almost always be mutual respect among college basketball coaches. So it’s no surprise that this happened between Mark Few and Mike Krzewski. Theo Lawson looked back on his loss to Duke on Friday and explored this and other things. Traders continue to rank No. 1 in Ken Pomeroy’s rating system. … The women beat East Illinois 74-53 in their second game in Hawaii. That’s the story of Jim Allen. … Around the WCC, the BYU women are undefeated, losing 58-57 to 22nd West Virginia yesterday to win the tournament.
EWU: The Eagles struggled a little at the end of their offensive against North Iowa and opened the FCS playoffs. It doesn’t matter. The defense won 19-9, surviving and advancing. Now they will go to Missoula to fight on Friday night. Dan Thompson has his 10th win of the season and a notebook. … Colin Malvani was also in Cheney and had a photo album of the concert. … If you are looking for information about basketball tournaments, the above link is included in the WSU section. It was played by Pullman. … Around the Great Sky, Montana is ready for another battle with Isterm. … The UC Davis home team was too slow to catch up with South Dakota and the season ended 56-24. … In basketball news, Weber is 6-0 after an 87-70 win over Dixie State. … Idaho is at the bottom after losing to the Air Force.
Preparations: The two Northeast 1B powers hope to reach the semi-finals of the state football tournament in Moses Lake on Saturday and play in the final again. One team won and the other lost. Dave Nichols was there and reported that Almira / Cooley-Hartline was going to play Odessa-led Quilsen next week for the title.
Heads: After a long trip home from Space Kelone, I had to return and play in Vancouver. The elders did not gather enough to win. Kevin Dudley reports that he lost 3-1 at the Arena.
Seahawks: The road is calling. Monday night’s game in Washington. Click here to see what to see. … Every run hits hard and only two of them can compete.
Sailors: The first trade of winter is interesting. M’s sent several opportunities to San Diego to hire a second base officer (and assistant), Adam Fraser. … Jerry Dipoto says he’s talking to many free agents and trading partners, but that may be the latest news for a while. If you read this story, you can be sure that it will be locked for a long time.
Kraken: Florida’s 11-game winning streak at home and the start of the season came as a surprise to the Seattle Panthers 4-1. It was a long weekend in Seattle.

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