During Eric Ten Hag’s decision at Manchester United, Arsenal faced the challenge of exchanging midfielders for £ 36 million.


Eric Ten Hag has revealed that he became the number one target for Ruben Neves when he took over as Manchester United manager in the Arsenal attack.

Eric Ten Hag will steal Arsenal’s transfer target.

The appointment of Manchester United’s Eric Ten Hag could be bad news for Arsenal. Dutch coach Ruben Neves is set to move to the Gunners.
According to Sky Sports, the Red Devils are close to finalizing the appointment of a new manager, and Ten Hughes is expected to be their chosen candidate. He is currently in charge of Ajax, but has been expected to move to the Premier League in recent seasons.
According to the Sun, the number one transfer target for Arvan Hag United will be Wolf’s Neves. The Portuguese midfielder is keen to move away from the Molinux, and Arsenal have always been one of his teams.
Arsenal will be short of midfield in the summer. Football.london understands that Roma are expected to make a new bid for Granit Jacak at the end of the season.
That means Thomas Parti will be the only experienced midfielder on the team. Mohamed Elneni’s contract expires at the end of the season and Albert Sambi Lokonga still needs time to mature.
Jack may move to Roma, so Neves has proven to be a great partner with Partey. The 24-year-old is part of the Wolves, who have played a key role for Neves this season, and have been a solid defender this season.
He would be the perfect solution to Arsenal’s shortcomings, as he is a simple midfielder and handles the basics very well, and apart from the occasional brilliant free-kick, he is usually not a key player in the title. He has a lot of experience in the Premier League and has shown that he can compete with the best clubs in the region and that he will definitely improve Arsenal’s midfield.
At the end of the season, the midfielder’s contract will run for only two years, and the Wolf will have to decide whether to sell him next year so that he doesn’t lose at a lower price due to the termination of his contract. Arsenal could use the terms of his current contract to persuade him to play in Champions League football before next season.
It won’t be easy to beat Manchester United and get a Portuguese international, especially if the ten Hugs can promise Old Trafford a new project. However, Arsenal seem to be leading the recovery process, and if the club can secure Champions League football next season, North London will be a more attractive place for Neves.

“For me” – Jurgen Klopp made Pep Guardiola’s main signing before the Man City-Liverpool game.
Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool face Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City in the Premier League’s biggest game of the season on Sunday.
Jürgen Klopp has admitted that it will be easy to be “a little disappointed” as he may be competing for the same league title with Pep Guardiola.
But the Liverpool boss said at the Etihad Stadium this weekend that Guardiola’s squad for the Champions League clash with Manchester City were more favorable.
City have won three of their last four Premier League titles, one point behind leaders Klopp in Sunday’s game. But the leaders had a 14-point advantage.
Klopp, who played for Guardiola’s Bayern Munich during his time at Borussia Dortmund, said his approach to the manager, who he described as “the best in the world”, would be difficult for other managers. However, the Reds manager called on the team to focus on the game, which has been described as one of the biggest domestic clashes in recent years.


In an interview with Liverpoolfc.com, Klopp said: “If I were someone else, I would be disappointed that Pep Guardiola has been coaching this kind of team all the time. Maybe in Dortmund we would have won more titles.” Not at Bayern.
“Now, it’s almost the same. Imagine if we weren’t here, we would have won at least one league title. But I’m not, thank God. So I’m completely satisfied with our situation. Very respectful, this is a crazy football team, the best manager in the world for me.
“So this combination makes it pretty complicated. But the good news is that they’re human too. So we all feel it for a moment. We do, they do. You have to be strong enough to be there while they’re there. Ready to play, or reason.” That’s it. “
The two teams will also meet in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley later this month, continuing their Champions League final in Paris, where they both won their first leg of the quarter-finals this week. .
“I couldn’t have more respect for what they were doing,” Klopp added. “I love watching them. I can’t say I love a lot of opponents or rivals, but I really like watching City. So analyzing when we play with them is always a mix of serious work and real joy … it’s great football.
“It’s the next step: Where can you go with the football team? They organized it in a special way. They make it really difficult. They make the pitch big in an instant. They make the pitch small at the right moment. There are things. This is true.
“I can’t hide it. But on the plus side, we’re not so bad. So it obviously helps keep us at least away.”

The Member of Parliament is happy to receive a grant for the people of football

Nigel Huddleston, Member of Parliament and Minister of Sports, EVESHAM, welcomes the announcement of a new investment in the main football facility.
Projects in every corner of England have been selected from the Football Foundation’s Local Football Facility Plan.
One hundred and sixteen projects across the UK will receive cash in the first installment of funding for the construction and improvement of squares, locker rooms and pavilions, which will enable many local communities to access high-quality facilities.
At the local level, the additional funding includes £ 454,177 for the construction of a new 3G soccer field with lighting at Droitwich Spa. This will support the Droitwich Spa resort’s seniors, teens, veterans and women’s sections, as well as provide entertainment games such as Wild Cats, walking soccer and a small commercial league.
The statement included £ 25,000 for Evesham United FC to purchase a site repair machine to improve site maintenance, which will have a huge positive impact on the quality of this large site.
“We are increasing funding from the UK government to improve access to high quality sports facilities across the country,” Mr Huddleston said. “The government has provided £ 200 million in funding, which is the first tranche of just £ 25 million.
The focus is on the football field, but the goal is to improve as many sports facilities as possible so that the impact will be greater than football.
“This investment will allow more people in the community to benefit from the physical and mental health of sports.
“We are pleased that two projects in our ward have been funded and that more local residents have access to better quality sports facilities.”

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