Eduardo Camavinga made his first professional appearance as a left-back in France’s 1-0 defeat to Tunisia at the World Cup – Bagedhor news!

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By establishing Eduardo Camavinga as left-back, Didier Deschamps attempted a gamble. Lacking benchmarks, especially defensively, the Real Madrid midfielder compensated with his fighting spirit and his attacking contribution. Also, the former Rennes player won a prestigious record as he became the French player who won the most duels (18) during a World Cup match.

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Eduardo Camavinga surely did not imagine playing his first World Cup match as a left-back, a position he only occupied during his youth in U13. Faced with the absence of a lining for Théo Hernandez, Didier Deschamps chose to field the left-hander from Real Madrid on Wednesday against Tunisia (1-0 defeat). A not really conclusive bet. If Camavinga’s match was disappointing, it still offered a prestigious record.

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Camavinga shines in duels
In great difficulty on the defensive tasks and in his placement, Eduardo Camavinga compensated for his lack of experience in the position by his fighting spirit and his technical accuracy. As proof, the former Rennes player has won 18 duels, a record for a French player since Opta analyzed the World Cup (1966).

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