European Super League clubs are boosted as court restores injunction to thwart UEFA sanctions

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The decision of the Superior Court of Madrid comes after a report that A22, the company exploring the possibility of creating a new tournament, spoke with 50 different clubs

The European Super League dispute has taken a new turn after Madrid’s Supreme Court restored an injunction to protect clubs seeking to establish a new competition from UEFA sanctions, while other legal proceedings continue.

In a statement, A22 Sports Management, the company set up to explore the possibility of creating a ‘Superleague’, said it would continue to speak to interested parties “free of threats and other obstructive measures taken by UEFA and other bodies”.

However, the future of the European Super League still seems to depend on the final judgment of the European Court of Justice, which should take place in the coming weeks.

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The ECJ dealt a significant blow to the prospect of creating a Super League on 15 December by providing an initial non-binding judgment that the rules applied by FIFA and UEFA are compatible with EU competition laws.

This, it was hoped, would allow existing governing bodies to punish clubs and players seeking to take part in a breakaway tournament. The ECJ’s final decision will be forwarded to the Commercial Court of Madrid.

But, according to A22, when the injunction was reinstated on Tuesday, the Superior Court of Madrid said that the measures taken by UEFA and FIFA constitute “typical obstacles of closed and anachronistic models that are not in accordance with free competition and the principle of entrepreneurial freedom that prevails in Europe”.

A22 said the High Court had already fined UEFA and La Liga in the course of these legal proceedings for acting in “procedural bad faith” and ordered UEFA to pay court costs. Bernd Reichart, chief executive of A22, said: “We welcome the fact that this court ruling allows A22 to freely pursue the project of creating an exciting new European football competition.

“This confirms that UEFA’s monopoly position cannot be used to pressure or threaten clubs, players or companies willing to innovate and reinvigorate competition in professional football. We will therefore continue our dialogue with football stakeholders in a new and more appropriate environment, free from threats and other obstructive measures taken by UEFA and other bodies.”

UEFA has yet to comment on Tuesday’s update. Last week, L’Equipe said more than 50 clubs acrooooooooss Europe were contacted by the A22 about establishing a Super League, which would not feature Premier League clubs at the start The French newspaper said the Super League would be based on merit and not a closed shop. Strict spending limits, including a salary cap, would also form part of the competition’s regulations.

Earlier this month, Barcelona president Joan Laporta said he believed the Superliga would become “a reality in 2025”, with the Nou Camp boss claiming that a number of other clubs who “have yet to show up” are “very interested”. ” in joining.

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