Fact or Fiction: Paul Chryst is a better coach fit than Jim Harbaugh


In today’s Fact or Fiction I look at three big recent topics in college football and decide whether the statement is indeed FACT or if it’s FICTION.


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CLASS OF 2024 RANKINGS: Rivals250 | Team | Position | State

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1. Paul Chryst is a better fit at Wisconsin than Jim Harbaugh at Michigan.

Paul Chryst

Paul Chryst (USA Today Sports Images)

Farrell’s Take: FICTION. Why do I ask this odd question? I named the best college football coaching fits last week and I had Jim Harbaugh at No. 3 but left Paul Chryst off the list. Why? After all, Harbaugh just looked for a new job in the NFL and Chryst left Pitt immediately when his dream job came open right? Yes, but Wisconsin has had other successful coaches prior to Chryst and not a ton has changed while Harbaugh finally broke through and got Michigan to the playoff.

It’s been forever since a Michigan man has won consistently at Michigan so Harbaugh has been a bit more important in my opinion. It’s an interesting debate however and Chryst is certainly a great fit as a former player as well.




2. The $8 million NIL player in the 2023 class is obvious and an outlier. 

Arch Manning

Arch Manning (Rivals.com)

Farrell’s Take: FACT. The Athletic reported that a class of 2023 prospect has signed an $8 million deal for Name, Image and Likeness and I saw many guessing who it would be. While many guessed right, at least in my opinion, it was puzzling that this wasn’t obvious. And this prospect, assuming it’s who I think it is, is a complete outlier when it comes to a deal like this because of his position and last name. Of course I’m talking about Arch Manning the son of Cooper Manning, nephew of Peyton and Eli and grandson of Archie. A number that large can only be for a QB and it makes sense it would be a QB with a massive name. I could be wrong as my sources tell me that the Mannings have been very slow and careful when it comes to NIL, but who else could it be?



LSU football will be banned from at least one postseason.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly (USA Today Sports Images)

Farrell’s Take: FACT. LSU has already self-imposed a bowl ban in regards to the NCAA investigation regarding football and it appears the Notice of Allegations is a lot more about basketball than football, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is that self-imposed sanctions are never enough.

The NCAA will have to slap something additional on LSU football and a bowl ban will be part of it. At least that’s my best guess. LSU has wiped out many traces of the Les Miles and Ed Orgeron staffs, but have brought back a few others which is interesting. But regardless of the majority of new people in place, it will get hit.


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