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Champions League draw replay: fixtures for knockout stage

Champions League & Europa League Round of 16 draws
Champions League last 16 drama

There were two Champions League Round of 16 draws in Nyon today! The first one took place with several pots of balls on the stage. The balls with the teams’ names on them were then withdrawn from the pots and added to a central pot. This happens as seeded teams can only play unseeded teams. No club is permitted to face another club from the same national association and clubs were not permitted to face opponents they previously met during the group stage.

When Manchester United were drawn against Villarreal, a side they had already played against in Group F, many became concerned. The tie was redrawn, with Manchester City then picked out to face Villarreal. For reasons still unknown, United were not in the pot of potential opponents for Atlético Madrid, who were drawn to play Bayern Munich. Liverpool were then placed in the pot, despite the Premier League side playing Atlético in the group stage.

UEFA’s deputy general secretary Giorgio Marchetti then explained: “For Atlético Madrid, the possibility are all [teams] except for Liverpool, who was in the same group, and Manchester United as they were already drawn.”

Manchester United’s drawing was a mistake as they should still have been potential opponents for Atlético. United were then picked out to face Paris Saint-Germain. UEFA then confirmed the Champions League last 16 would have to be re-done after a technical error with the initial procedure. At 09:00 ET, the second draw of the day took place and produced the eight fixtures below.
Full Champions League round of 16 draw

Salzburg vs Bayern Munich

Sporting CP vs Manchester City

Benfica vs Ajax

Chelsea vs Lille

Atlético Madrid vs Manchester United

Villarreal vs Juventus

Inter Milan vs Liverpool

Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid

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