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Former Arsenal star Mesut Ozil sent a message to his fans on social media after he was expelled from Fenerbahce.

Former Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has been silenced following the dismissal of Fenerbahce.

Former Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has sent a message to Fenerbahçe fans after he was sent off.
Mikel Arteta, a former Germany international, spent a number of productive seasons in north London before leaving in January 2020 as head coach. The Turkish champions then announced on Thursday afternoon that Ozil and former Watford player Ozan had been released. Tufan was eliminated from the national team. believes that this is due to an oral dispute with the club’s interim manager Ismail Kartal, and the above statement reads:
The former Real Madrid player will not be allowed to train with the rest of the starting line-up ahead of next month’s game against Kayserispor. He has now posted a picture of the Turkish flag next to Fenerbahce on Twitter.
The 33-year-old’s tweet was translated as “Fenerbahce is the key”. The experienced maestro has been controversial lately, but he has scored nine goals and provided two assists in all competitions, making him an effective player in the Super League.

Arteta hopes his career at Arsenal will end in the same situation and he will be able to resolve the situation as soon as possible after he is left out of the squad for the 2020/21 campaign. During his time at the Emirates Stadium, Ozil scored 44 goals and provided 77 assists.

When Tom Ricketts made the announcement to take over Chelsea and the groups found out who to put on the shortlist
Chelsea supporters have previously expressed reluctance to back the Rickets family’s proposal.

Chicago Cubs teammate Tom Ricketts greets his fans at the opening ceremony of the Torch Convention.

Tom Ricketts, the face of the Ricketts family’s attempt to buy Chelsea, has said he will redouble his efforts to convince his supporters that running the club will be multifaceted and participatory.
The consortium led by US billionaire Todd Boeli and Sir Martin Brownon was released on Thursday night. The status of Ricketts’ bids remains unclear, and some reports suggest they have lost value, but have not commented specifically on the progress. The US-based commercial bank Raine Group, which oversees the process, has previously said it will release a list of preferred bidders.
However, in a statement on Friday afternoon, Ricketts apparently warned that the door was still open to persuade supporters. Chelsea fans have announced the launch of the #notoRicketts campaign on social media following a family vote. The impulse began due to historical racist impressions.
However, the confidence of Chelsea supporters, like other future owners, led to talks and a meeting with the Ricketts family this week. The confidence of Chelsea supporters has made it clear that they oppose any offer from the Ricketts family. The group said in a statement that it was still unsure of Ricketts’ ability to run an “affiliated and successful club”.
Ricketts appears to have been disappointed by the blow, praising the enthusiasm of Chelsea’s fans and announcing that his family is committed to working with their fans to protect the Blues’ legacy.
Ricketts said in a statement: “My family and I are very grateful to all the fans and support groups who took the time to meet us this week and share their passion and concern for the Chelsea football club. Of course you will be the best. We are grateful for the feedback, including the confidence of Chelsea’s supporters, and the fact that the door is still open to show our commitment to working with the fans to protect the club’s legacy. “

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