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Everton’s survival will be confirmed if they beat Brentford and Leeds don’t beat Brighton on Sunday. They have won as many points in their last 6 matches as in their previous 22 matches. Watch Everton v Brentford live on Sunday at Sky Sports. Kickoff 4:30pm

Everton boss Frank Lampard has praised the effect the fans have had on his team

Frank Lampard talks about Everton’s fans, Premier League survival and Jordan Pickford’s importance

Everton’s survival will be confirmed if they beat Brentford and Leeds don’t beat Brighton on Sunday. They have won as many points in their last 6 matches as in their previous 22 matches. Watch Everton v Brentford live on Sunday at Sky Sports. Kickoff 4:30pm

“Fans are bound to be dissatisfied. If you ask that you love the club too much, you can’t say that you don’t have an opinion.”

When Frank Lampard acquired Everton in late January, the mission was clear. It’s not enough other than retaining Everton’s Premier League status.

It was almost unimaginable for Toffee, one of the founding members of the Premier League, to be eliminated from the division. However, their future remains uncertain.

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Everton will still be able to play championship football when the 2022/23 season starts in August. However, the chances of staying in top flight under Lampard’s direction are much higher.

The Dangerous Dice were certainly far more dramatic in early April after a 3-2 loss to fellow relegation contender Burnley. But luck later conspired to favor Lampard’s side.

A pickup in the form has arrived at just the right time, the Evertonians continue to rally around the club to support the Lampard regime, and other teams embroiled in a relegation fight are under pressure as Everton begins to prosper.

It’s not entirely over, but it’s clear that Lampard’s influence is having a positive impact on Everton’s perilous situation.

Frank Lampard is confident hard work will lift Everton into the Premier League
They have won as many points in their last 6 league matches as they have in their last 22, so have they finally run out of pennies from Goodison?

Lampard said: “It’s been a step forward because I looked different when I jumped into the Chelsea game (1-0 win on 1 May). “We got those games, but you’d rather have the points in your pocket.

“I think it’s been a really good reaction from that tough moment. The players reacted on the pitch, the fans responded and it felt like a very integrated club.

“We have 7 points in the last 3 games and we are happy with that. We are a bit disappointed with Watford, but we are in a good position. Things can change very quickly so we have to be vigilant not to get complacent.

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“We know we are at a critical stage of the season. Our focus has to be perfect. We have to cut out all the noise. I have to listen to the noise, but the players have to cut it out and get ready to perform on Sunday. It can be… to play two games at Goodison is a good thing for our fans.”

Everton is starting to reward supporters for their unwavering support. It’s like the crisis this season has brought Everton closer to the club.

Fans put their grievances aside and decorated the streets outside Finch Farm to rock buses ahead of an important match between Leicester and Watford, and the vibe at Goodison Park was consistently electrifying.

The severity of the situation provoked unity, not division. When asked what role fans played in the recent rise in results, Lampard said: “When I came here, I knew [the fanbase] – I knew the history of the club.

“It has always been a difficult place to play against Everton as a player. I knew this is a country where football is life for people.

“So I understand. But it was amazing to feel it firsthand. At this moment, the support of the fans has played a part. It is imperative that you love the club and make it engraved in your heart. It attracts you and you want to do it for them. .”

The tension is relieved, but the feeling may be temporary. Everton are unbeaten in their last 4 home matches and have scored a goal in all 4 of them, but the misconception about safety is very premature.

The twist in the story is bound to happen at some point. A certain generation of fans will remember Everton’s great escape in 1994. That’s because a dramatic come-back victory over Wimbledon on the last day prevented relegation.

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Prior to this season, the club’s recent motives were more concerned with how to break the top 4 than how to avoid the bottom 3. However, history details the cases when Everton plays with the idea of ​​relegation even if they do not succumb to it.

As a manager, Lampard is pleased to take on that responsibility. “In my experience, this is the most intense pressure you can get. I played in the top end and managed both inside and outside the top end, but relegation to the club is a huge thing.

“What that means for the club, for the fans, for the people who work here and for the people who love the club. You feel that responsibility as a manager.”

“It’s because the fans are dissatisfied. When you ask the fans to love the club so much, you can’t say they don’t have an opinion. But what I’ve seen is how positively they can have an impact.” It definitely helps players.

“You have seen the team grow in a short period of time with that support. So I hope we can keep it together. I don’t ask for anything in the written rules, but if we can keep it together it shows just how strong we are.

“It’s great to hear how [fans] want this team to play. I think you should take advantage of it and give the fans the team they want to support and reflect how they feel.

“Especially Everton is a club that demands passion, drive, sprints, tackles and fights for badges. We have to deliver that.”

On the pitch, the result turned for the better as Everton became more structurally solid. Playing with three centre-backs provided a solidity previously lacking. At home, they’ve only conceded once in their previous four clashes. Harvey Barnes was in a 1-1 draw with Leicester. This weekend, Toffee can go undefeated in four matches for the first time since playing his first four under coach Rafael Benitez.

It is far from the deprivation I felt at Turf Moor in early April. Burnley reversed the loss in the first half and scored three goals beating Everton’s other goalkeeper.

When asked if he thinks Everton could reach a safe point with a game that could extend this term, Lampard was honest. Momentum swing if you’re not careful.

“It is an honor for everyone to be in the position they are in from that moment [against Burnley] because there is no doubt that it was a tough night.

“The players have now found growth in their confidence. I came into the club after a difficult result and I think that’s why I’m here.

“We’ve been working against this and trying to build confidence in the team. If you come in the middle of the season, you have to learn about the players very quickly.”

So, has Lampard abandoned its ownership-based philosophy in favor of a ‘needs must’ approach? Defensively, it seems to work. Three clean sheets in their last four games against Goodison and Everton have reduced Watford to zero during the week.

“Recently we have found a way to win the game, it’s not perfect,” admitted the former midfielder. “We don’t have as much ownership as I really would like, but it has shown an incredible spirit, unity and discipline in the way we approach the game and the way it results in us.

“There are some compromises as managers. We have different characteristics in different areas of the pitch. When I saw Manchester City games early on when I was here we were very deep, very compact and good. Distance – I think we lost because of the wrong decision, we’ve always been pragmatic when needed.

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