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Tyson Fury defeated Deontay Wilder in a historic battle for the ages in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

The “Gypsy King” was hit twice himself, but ultimately knocked Wilder down three times when he was knocked out in round 11.

Fury defeated Wilder for the first time in round three

He celebrated over his down-to-earth opponent
The fight began with Wilder firing three strikes at Fury’s body in the first ten seconds.

The American followed the Briton’s midsection with a series of right hands, which apparently left him largely confused for much of the first round.


Wilder showed a completely new game plan within the first three minutes, but at the end of the session ate a huge right hand from the “Gypsy King”.

At the beginning of the second, Wilder returned to his body thrusts, but Fury immediately increased the pace in response.

Wilder turned the tables by putting down Fury twice on round four

Fury entered the ring in a dramatic way
The champion began landing his own body shots on round two while the challenger attempted some erratic headshots that missed the target.

In the third, it seemed like any exchange could end the fight as both men threw heavy leathers.

Fury’s blows seemed to hurt Wilder, and then he broke through.

The “Gypsy King” pounded home a huge right hand that stunned the “bronze bomber” and saw it collapse onto the canvas.

Wilder seemed close to victory on lap four
Wilder managed to get back on his feet and almost survived the end of the lap.

Fury followed at the beginning of the fourth round, but then the fight turned on its head again.

Wilder slapped a right hand home and Fury collapsed on the canvas.

He recovered on his feet, but was soon down again, barely surviving the bell when he got up a second time.

Fury regained control and dominated Wilder
Incredibly, when he showed up for lap five, Fury seemed to have regained his senses.

He started the fifth by landing some notable links when Wilder started appearing tired.

On lap six, both men showed signs of fatigue and there was a lot of clinch when they made it to halftime.

In the second half, Fury regained control, pounding Wilder with a massive right hand.

The last few laps were a punishment for Wilder
Somehow Wilder stayed on his feet and kept fighting.

Fury landed an incredible barrage at the end of round seven, and again Wilder remarkably refused to wither.

This pattern continued into eighth place, when the challenger’s resilience was constantly tested by the champion’s big blows.

The doctor examined Wilder at the beginning of the ninth round, but argued he could continue.

He was finally allowed to do so, even though it took another punishing three minutes for him.

Fury ended the fight on a huge right hook

Wilder was finally KOd on lap 11
In the tenth, Fury beat up Wilder again and eventually made another breakthrough.

Wilder hit the canvas for the second time with a huge right hand and looked defeated.

Amazingly, he managed to get back on his feet and fought his way through to the end of the round.

In the last few seconds he landed a combination on Fury that seemed to hurt him for a moment when the bell rang.

The end was near, however, when Fury finally found the target with a right hook KO on lap 11.

Wilder collapsed and the fight was immediately stopped, although luckily he soon recovered and the ring a

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