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Legendary Manchester United player Derby County may be forced to speak out about the situation

Gary Neville screamed on Sky Sports last night during Friday night’s football game that Derby County could be forced out.
The latest news from the derby is that the administrators, who hope to continue their efforts to take over Pride Park and fund the club’s operations, may be just days away from disbanding.
The Championship has been on the club’s board since the start of the season, with owner Mel Morris calling Quantuma business consulting firm to oversee the club’s operations as it failed to transfer ownership of the Rams to new caretakers.
Neville promised to talk about the Derby situation earlier this week, which he supported on Friday night, acknowledging that Derby fans were frustrated that they were in the process of asking about the club’s future on social media.
Neville’s mother, Bury’s secretary for more than 20 years, began talking about their collapse earlier this decade.
Gary Neville is full of passion
The former Manchester United defender said: “It seems like a few years ago history was repeating itself.
“Unfortunately, my mom called the EFL on Tuesday night and said that Bury had fallen a few years ago, and that’s it.
“If someone in the derby doesn’t get big, they’ll get the call in a few weeks.
“If the Wolves come to power and no one wants to buy it, it will collapse.
“If no one wants to buy a derby in the next few weeks or months, no matter how long it takes … they will fall. It’s unimaginable that it will continue.

“Right now, no one can save Derby except the buyer. It’s going to be a damn hard job.
“There is no arrangement for football players to stop Mel Morris from doing what he has been doing for the last few years.
“The owner of the derby has paid for something he can’t afford or doesn’t want to pay for. He just doesn’t do it and then walks away from the stadium. It’s terrible.
“Football clubs need to be treated like first-class buildings, not like ordinary businesses on the streets in normal market conditions. We need to change the English football model to stop this.
“We will have more Derby, more Bolton, more Wigan, more McClavesfield, more Berry … some will survive and some will fall on the road. If we can pass that through parliament, there is a way forward in the future. Next 12-18 cold.
“There will be more financial control, the owners will have to keep their promised expenses, and they will have to do it.
“Right now I’m desperate for Derby fans, they’re waiting and can’t do anything about it because he needs tens of millions of pounds to save the football club.”
He added: “Football clubs need to be treated differently from other businesses in the country.
“The derby has a rich history of great managers and the best players.
“They can’t do anything about the club tonight and they are powerless.
“Not only the fans, but also the authorities and the government can do nothing but come in and find the right buyer.
“It’s crazy and we have to stop it. I don’t know how to help Derby except to ask someone to buy it and let him change the rules for the next 12-18 months.
“It has to change. It’s the ultimate straw no matter what. It’s more important than football because it’s unimaginable that the Derby has collapsed and it’s no longer a football club.”

Xavi Hernandez has taken a strong stance on Barcelona over Osman Dembele

MADRID: Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez said on Saturday that he would not soften his position on the terms of Osman Dembele’s contract, despite the Frenchman’s outrage on social media on Thursday.
Dembele wrote that he would not give up after Xavi was sent off to play against Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey on Thursday night.
The winger’s contract expires in the summer and he can leave Barcelona for free.
Mateu Alemani, the club’s football director, said on Thursday morning that “it is clear to us that the player does not want to continue working at Barcelona” and “therefore we hope to make a transfer before 31 January”.
“The situation has not changed. He knows what the choice is, he has to decide for himself,” Xavi told a pre-match press conference ahead of Sunday’s visit to Alaves.

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