Gary Neville: Manchester United is a comedy

Gary Neville: Manchester United is a comedy | Does Erik ten Hag still want a job?, News Sky Sports, sky sports

On the Gary Neville podcast, “Man United need to finish the season as soon as possible. The reality is that any match against Leicester and Everton last week would have been in the top four. But they have no spirit or fight.”

Gary Neville is concerned that Erik Ten Hag might not want the Manchester United job due to the difficulties inside the club as well as their current run of poor form.

Gary Neville: Manchester United is a comedy | Does Erik ten Hag still want a job?

On the Gary Neville podcast, “Man United need to finish the season as soon as possible. The reality is that any match against Leicester and Everton last week would have been in the top four. But they have no spirit or fight.”

Gary Neville said “I have very little to say about Manchester United” after another weekend in the Premier League.

Ralph Langnick has admitted that Manchester United are not eligible for the Champions League if their level of performance for the rest of the season is comparable to what they have shown at Everton.

United’s ambitions to finish in the top four in the Premier League are fading away, and Langnick looked pathetic during the week against Everton, who lost 3-2 to relegation rivals Burnley.

On the Gary Neville Podcast, the former United fullback lamented his poor performance at Goodison Park and believes Ten Hag might think twice about taking over the manager this summer…

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Imagine Ten Hag turning his back on United.

There is little left to say for Manchester United. Don’t get angry or comment any more. They are a bit of a comedy. You almost expect it from them. The players are taking down Ralph Langnick with them. they are bad

They need to finish the season as soon as possible. The reality is that if they had any performance against Leicester and Everton last week, they would have finished in the top four. But they had no spirit or fight.

If you look at Manchester City and Liverpool, there are some humble footballers. There is no overly exaggerated ego, you understand where you are and your team comes first. Not a single Manchester United player can make it to those two teams, so why do you feel like you don’t need to work hard or feel lethargic with overblown pride? I don’t see anything anymore.

I read in the Sunday newspaper that Erik ten Hag wants all his requirements to be met or else he doesn’t want to come to the club. Just imagine what’s going on with them and how bad the club is so they can’t cross the line.

If you look at what Manchester United do to their players, there are no players who have grown up. Look what they did to Donny van de Beek. If you’re Ten Hag, it sounds like you’re calling Van de Beek. How is it there, Donnie? He’s not saying good things.

I believe that Ten Hag’s needs are not about finances, but about control, recruitment, rescue and youth. I guess he wants to come in and make sure he hasn’t been exposed to what other managers have been exposed to in the last 10 years.

That could be too much for Manchester United and I think a week or two could be difficult for the club. I still think they will cross the line, but this morning there were reports of Ten Hag making further demands on the club. We generally shouldn’t believe anything except when it comes from a trusted source as we usually know.

The old saying is that we don’t believe what we read in the press, but that’s a lie. Journalists hear stories from somewhere, and when there are multiple sources telling the same type of story, there is usually something in them.

On the Mauricio Pochettino front, everything is so quiet that it feels like every egg in a Ten Hag basket. How far will Manchester United stand if his demands for the way the club are run don’t cross him?

I think Ralf Rangnick will be honest with Ten Hag, and Van de Beek will answer honestly. We know Edwin van der Sar ended up in Ajax and will be honest with Ten Hag. They would say they would be very careful going to Manchester United as it could be a cemetery of fame at this point.

‘Rangnick’s reputation is getting worse – it’s getting really low’

Ralf Rangnick has an amazing reputation but is now starting to get hurt by what’s going on around him and looks weak and vulnerable on the touchline due to the performance of players on the pitch that has nothing to do with him.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a good man. The players liked him, but betrayed him. It is a very difficult position for the club.

I feel like most Manchester United fans at this moment in the sense that I don’t know where I’m going next or what might happen.

I live with the feeling that the club will come back someday. The club will rise again but this is going down. But it will return and you will look forward to the day.

The Liverpool fans over my shoulder were where Manchester United were, and they were in a desperate moment when Manchester United won, when there was no team they could be proud of. Perhaps it’s time for Manchester United players to take a look at themselves.

I think players want to do well, but what they show at this moment is not enough.

Manchester United’s remaining fixtures

Cristiano Ronaldo was anonymous at Everton

April 16 – Norwich (h)

April 19 – Liverpool (a), broadcast live on Sky Sports

April 23 – Arsenal (a)

May 2nd – Brentford(h), broadcast live on Sky Sports

May 7th – Brighton(a), broadcast live on Sky Sports

May 15 – Chelsea(h), live on Sky Sports *

May 22 – Crystal Palace (a)

*Subject to change due to the FA Cup final.

Manchester City vs Liverpool’s Neville…

Before the match, I thought Manchester City would have a better score, but the match might not have been seen in the first half. Liverpool’s reaction in the second half, which was so poorly sluggish in the first half, was shocking. I always remember playing under Sir Alex Ferguson. If we played badly in the first half of a big game at the end of the season, he would ask if we fought all season to play that way.

It was like Jurgen Klopp at halftime saying, ‘Hey, we’ve been building this team for three or four years and you’re not showing authority, you’re frozen, you’re not defending well’. .

Liverpool responded brilliantly, and given the position they were at halftime at the end of the game [it was a better point for Liverpool].

However, City could have won the title if they had won today’s match. I don’t think Liverpool can do that as the rest of the game is more difficult. But things go on. By the end of the season, both teams had won all their matches and Liverpool were like, ‘Would you like us to do better in the first half?’ But there is still a long way to go.

I was crazy. Punch for punch. Some of the footballs we saw were exceptional and put pressure on each other. Their defense is too high. They stick to their boss’s principles and do not wither. Liverpool have real guts and are street fighters.

What we saw in the second half was the energy, passion, spirit and fight we saw for Liverpool’s comeback. But City are a great team. You really can’t speak high enough. I can’t say any more about what these two teams have accomplished over the past few years. And they are going to hell for the leather in the FA Cup, Champions League and Premier League over the past few weeks.

Are they really, really, really great sports rivals?

It’s an incredible competition with a score of 338 vs. 337. In terms of consistency, quality and excellence, this could be the best Premier League rival of all time.

But when I think about competition, I think there must be more to it than that. Ferocity, intensity, a story to tell? There were events and stories to tell when people talked about Sir Alex Ferguson-Sir Arsene Wenger’s rivalry. Tunnel incident at Highbury, FA Cup semi-finals with congratulations by Ryan Giggs, Marc Overmars’ goal at Title-winning Old Trafford.

There were great moments between the two teams with ferocity, fights, and pizza! There is more to football than excellence and I think the rivalry between Manchester City and Liverpool has yet to surpass it. There were too many hugs. love each other so much! I’m just kidding, of course, but I don’t know if this will be a documentary 25 years from now. But in terms of excellence and consistency, it’s a great rivalry.

I admire what they do, they are absolutely brilliant, and the level of performance is high. You want to see this season come to the death, and you want to see both teams in the Champions League final. Because when you think of the two best teams in Europe at the moment, these two teams are competing in the Premier League. In the FA Cup, and in the Champions League, hopefully they deserve it.

They are actually out of this world, but in a different way. Guardiola spoke in a transformative way about what he achieved, his type of football and the impact he had on the game. And Jurgen Klopp for his spirit and passion, pure football street fighter.

I see myself more in Klopp than Guardiola. I don’t think I can play for this city team. I wasn’t technically talented enough. But you can see characters like Jordan Henderson and James Milner playing at Liverpool with grit and grit, but City is just a beauty. Except for the fact that they are the team I hate the most, every time I see them, I can’t help liking them, so I express my great respect and respect.

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