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Speaking on the Gary Neville Podcast, the former Manchester United defender says: “I felt they were near last season but now I feel they are as far away as they’ve ever been from winning the league”

Manchester United continue to underperform

Gary Neville’s reaction to Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Southampton at home

Speaking on the Gary Neville Podcast, the former Manchester United defender says: “I felt they were near last season but now I feel they are as far away as they’ve ever been from winning the league”

Sky Sports expert Gary Neville has reacted horribly to Manchester United’s recent setbacks in the Premier League after a 1-1 draw with Southampton at home.

In an explosive podcast, Neville dissects the “nonsense” coming out of Old Trafford after the weekend when opposing managers questioned the pace of the team’s work and additional points were dropped in the race for next season’s Champions League.

After Newcastle’s third win on the bounce (1-0 beating Aston Villa on Super Sunday), Neville also mirrors St James’ Park’s changing momentum…

Read the verdict of the former Manchester United defender or listen to the podcast below.

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‘Man U like broth made with 100 ingredients’

Manchester United were horrendous in chasing games and chasing goals against Southampton. They conceded a foul and stopped the game. They forced it and were crossing in poor areas.

When you look at United these days, you can’t put your finger on one thing. Every day feels like a soap opera. I have heard that the players want Mauricio Pochettino and that Cristiano Ronaldo will be leaving.

The past few weeks have been horrendous due to the events that took place outside the stadium. I saw a post-match quote from Ralph Hasenhuttl at the stadium. I think this is the biggest criticism you can put on yourself as a sportsman or athlete. It means you’re not working hard enough.

He said basically not everyone cringes when they’re in reverse. If I was a Manchester United player and a respected opposition manager had said such a thing about me, he would have been a hit.

The reason I don’t think it’s rude is because it comes from someone in authority and that’s how I feel in the league.

Ralf Rangnick is already coming under pressure

If you talk to anyone about Manchester United, that’s if they stay in the game. It goes beyond the first 30 minutes. Obviously if you defend well, you’ll work harder than them and you’ll get a chance.

David de Gea has to make a lot of saves and every team thinks they can go to United. That’s a really bad reflection and it’s been this season.

We’ve reached a point where we no longer feel like we’re up to the manager. Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] received a lot of criticism early in the season and lost his job, and it is now suggested that Ralf Rangnick is not good enough because he is a sports director and not a coach.

There are issues with confidence, but also issues with an excuse mindset and taking care of yourself and trying to make a great team and bring that league back without seeing the bigger picture.

Tottenham have lost their third and there are teams around to drop points so they can still finish in fourth and still qualify for the Champions League, but for now they can close the rift.

They have really big work to do and they need to get started quickly. Last season I was really praised for the spirit and unity of the team.

It was not a successful season as they lost in the final of the Europa League on penalties, but the players felt like they were second in the Premier League. they were tight They were a group of people I started liking.

I see them on the pitch now and I distance myself from it again because there are a lot of people who lack confidence. Some do not work shifts. hard yard.

As a Manchester United fan, all you can ask for is that they pour everything on the pitch, which is unforgivable. At United, he looks helpless and doesn’t seem to be at the level of chasing the game. Something has to change very quickly.

You put that many ingredients in the soup. After all, you don’t know which one makes the taste bad. You lose your sense of good and evil.

I felt they were close to last season, but now I feel they are farthest from winning the league.

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Things could change again if you mix a little with someone who makes the right appointments in the summer, is calculating, ruthless, and knows where the problem lies, but now I’m looking at a 100-ingredient broth and I don’t know what I’d like to remove to make it taste better. there is.

It’s a bit messy and Manchester United fans need to take their medicine.

I used to think the worst silence Manchester United fans can give you is silence because it’s creepy to be silenced by 75,000 people, but now we’re starting to see more of that booing and that’s because the fans feel disappointed. They feel frustrated and someone has to fix it quickly.

If Pochettino is the board’s choice, they should appoint him, but not based on the players who want him. I don’t want to think for a second that they’re listening to the players in the dressing room.

They have big PR machines and big social media machines and their agents are running. They had a good few months and I didn’t like it for months. Currently, they are all taking care of each other and thinking of the next person.

All that nonsense is happening behind the scenes at Manchester United.

‘St. James’ park seems to be back’

I remember Newcastle were challenging for the title and their 1-0 win over Aston Villa was probably the best I’ve seen St James’ Park in my 10 or 11 years at Sky.

I really liked the feeling and energy inside the stadium after the performance. The speed of the players was really good, and it feels like St. James’ Park is back.

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I got goosebumps because this place is absolutely depressing. Actually it was terrible and I didn’t enjoy coming here at all. There was disastrous football and it was crazy in that the club was cut off from the fans.

Now, this feels like something. They are still at the bottom of the league but looking at their play against Aston Villa there is no doubt that they will come out of relegation crisis this season.

Obviously, they should continue to play that way. New ownership, new overseer, new contract changed everything. The main thing is that the old owner leaves.

He was supposed to be out of the [Mike Ashley] club, but now he’s making team gigs. I have seen past individual excellence at Newcastle in the last 10 or 11 years, but today they feel connected on the pitch. They have good experience.

It felt like they could build. The crowd is a very important asset here, but if you flip it over, Newcastle can be an absolutely horrific place to play if you aren’t with you.

A lot of that happened in the last 5-6 years because the manager wasn’t right or the owners were at fault, but it felt completely different.

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