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Hanwell Town was founded in 1920 by railroad workers from Newcastle

Hanwell Town battles Thames Town. Hanwell’s black and white kit was inspired by Newcastle United

Less than three miles from Brentford, Hanwell Town was shocked to learn that Thomas Frank has a closer relationship with Newcastle United than any other Premier League player.
However, it is so. The West London Club was founded in 1920 by Newcastle Railway workers, whose founders gave the new team black and white stripes and gave themselves the nickname “Geordia” to this day.
They now compete in the South Central Division of the Eastman League, which is ranked 4th below the English Football Pyramid. That’s seven steps down from a club backed by its founders.
One of Newcastle’s largest football fields is in St. James’s Park, but outside of the town where Hanwell Town bears its name, they see themselves playing outside the town of Hanwell and at the Powerdale Stadium in nearby Perivale. Ealing district.
Hanwell’s relationship with Newcastle helped keep the club financially stable last season when the plague reduced divisions and made it impossible to generate revenue.

Several Magpie fans discovered the connection between the two clubs and began buying team shirts, leading to the creation of a “crossover” in West London.
In fact, Elsa Jones, the club’s head of marketing, said sales to Newcastle had “floated”.
“We’re developing a new product for them and it’s great to have revenue when we can’t play.
“We’re wearing a Newcastle Brown Ale brand Hanwell shirt, a dog bandana, a copy shirt. When we came back, we got a message that we would wear our shirts to St. James’ Park. Professional football games are playing behind the door.”
The club is also planning a “George’s Day” this season, with Newcastle playing the same weekend as the Hanwell game in London, with discounts for all black and white outfits. shirt.
With 16 games left in the playoffs and two points short of the playoffs, the Giordians have a chance to advance to the Eastman League this season.
The two clubs have never met in any match, and the FA Cup draw is likely to take place in any competitive match.

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