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Swiss midfielder Granit Jaka scored his first goal of the season in Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday.
Arsenal midfielder Granit Jaka has warned Arsenal he needs to be “smarter” to improve on his side’s victory over Manchester United.
Jack won 3-1, scoring David de Gea from a distance with the first goal since December 2020. Nuno Tavares and Bucaio Saka were also targeted, but Arsenal could have led by two goals. Bruno Fernandez missed a free kick after Tavares’ volley.
With five games left, Mikel Arteta’s side have had fewer mistakes thanks to three previous consecutive defeats. The Gunners have not scored since mid-March, scoring twice in the middle of the week against Chelsea before beating United, and Jack explained what he needs to do in the big weeks.
“We started well, but we played 50-50 in the second half,” Jacka told BT Sport. “United pressed and played better, but we scored three points. A missed penalty helped us.
“It’s not the first time we’ve scored and conceded a goal. We’ve scored twice against Chelsea. So we have to be smarter and stronger in the five minutes since we scored.”
Arsenal’s next visit is to West Ham United on May 1, with East London playing in both Europa League semi-finals. Arsenal don’t expect any games to be predictable, but their desire to get into the top four will ultimately depend on the outcome of the North London derby at Tottenham on 12 May.
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Jacka’s goal was his first of the season

While Arsenal were thriving, United had a lot of problems. The home side have been criticized for shutting down two visiting defenders as they have started their first game, while Red Devils midfielder Scott McTominay has revealed his frustrations as the club are set to miss out on Champions League football.
“There are a lot of issues with the players, the staff and the top tier, so we just have to look at what’s going on on the pitch,” said the Scot. “When we go back to the locker room, we’ll go home and look at ourselves in the mirror.
“We can’t go home happy to have conceded three goals at Arsenal when we should have won. For us, the confidence and the lack of confidence can be seen in the last two months.
“The last four games have been a source of pride for us. Going on the field, showing a little ball in the game, not running away from the ball or doing everything right.”

In an interview with Dundee, Mark McGee insisted that radiator explanations were effective and that brands were “irrelevant” to a run without a win.
The Black Blues will have to fight hard to stay in the championship after a disappointing draw with St. Johnstone.

Mark McGee

Mark McGee says Dundee has been promoted despite the possibility of him being relegated from the Scottish Premier League.
The Black Blues, who are tied at the bottom of the rock with a tie against St. Johnstone, are five points behind Callum Davidson in the playoffs and 10 points behind in terms of safety.
In pre-match training, McGee was reportedly on a diet to turn off the heating and focus on Dundee’s lower-league fight.
The boss promised the players that they would go naked if they could say goodbye to St. Johnston.
He also said that those impressions helped the team to have a warm post-match interview.
Asked on BBC Sportsound if he thought the controversial practice had helped the team, he said: “Of course it happened.
“You can’t say we didn’t make it because we tied the game. We started off great. There was a tendency that we would win this game.
“It looked like there would be only one winner in the first half and in the first half. We were disappointed we didn’t score the second goal.
“But yes, of course. It will continue in the remaining games, because we haven’t conceded a goal. There are four games left and anything can happen. As long as our players are mindful, they are there. They will win the football tournament.”
McGee then put pressure on the club’s 10 winless streak, causing a stir in Dance Park in front of owner Tim Casey.
Irked McGee continued: “Well, I do what I do. I work hard in training, but I can change the players and who they are. Who they are and the skills they have.
“I can’t make them another player, I can only play them to the best of my ability. In the last 10 games they have been using their chances.
“So it doesn’t matter if we don’t win 10. We have to come out and win three of the next four. It will be very difficult.
“When you look back at us, you can’t say we came in 10 games ago and didn’t change players. We have the same players and I think they’ve played better than them in the last three games. Before that.”

Newcastle United supporters say ‘future is bright’ after beating Norwich City
The Magpies are ninth in the Premier League with four wins

Newcastle United beat Carrow Road 3-0 at home

Newcastle United’s impressive rise to the Premier League table continued with a 3-0 win over Norwich City. The Toons finished their career in Carrow with a four-game winning streak to move up to ninth.
Their form has been impressive since the turn of the year, and only Jürgen Klopp has improved on Liverpool. The Magpies have won 10 of their last 14 games, leaving their fans in the lurch.
Some blacks and whites think they can sneak into Europe if they continue to play, while others are happy that Newcastle can compete again. In either case, Eddie Howe did a great job and has a great platform based on magpies.
Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal are fully secured ahead of the fierce games. If Newcastle can score in any of these three games, they could end the first half before the curtain falls.

Ian Burchnall reports on Kyle Wutton’s decision to notch County’s victory over Weimuth.
Nottinghamshire Live brings you the latest news from Notting County as 10 seedlings have had to be replaced since Wutton won 3-1.

Ian Burchnall’s National League game between Knights County and Chesterfield

Knight Wutton, Notts County’s top scorer, calmed down head coach Ian Burch’s fitness after the Magpies’ substitute substitute after a 3-1 win over Weimuth.
With more than 10 extra magpie strikers needed to be replaced from the National League housing, Ruben Rodriguez would have called in a substitute and put Wutton above the midfield line.
Hopefully it will be okay to let go of the fear that it was a serious matter and that the striker will be promoted to the Nottes in the Football League.
“Kyle is fine,” he said. “We played him a lot of minutes and we were able to take a break for the next 3-4 games. That’s fine. We have good players who can come in. When Eli came out, I thought he played great.
“There are a lot of players waiting to play. We’ll have to rotate, it’s not a problem because it’s making us stronger.
“Kyle felt his back a little bit in half an hour, but it felt good to keep working. We were made 3-0 on the bench.
“But we felt we needed another 10 minutes before we scored and took Wutz off the field. It didn’t help.
“I didn’t want to take it out at this point. I need a break then.”
In the first 15 minutes of Wutton’s 21st goal on the road to Nottes’ victory, the result of a blister that doubled Aaron Nemane’s lead threatened to provoke a riot.
Ruben Rodríguez, on the other hand, struck a powerful penalty kick half an hour before the game, and the Weimuth hit the net. Instead, a goal was scored for Tom Bearwish on the way to the upcoming conference.
Burchnall praised the opening 30 minutes, but was unhappy with the rest of the game.
“I’ll be told I didn’t enjoy it. I know it sounds strange that we won 3-1,” he said. “I thought the first 30 minutes we were really great.
“We cut as much as we wanted. They were squeezing repairs. I just thought the first 25-30 supplies could be supported and five. We were amazing.
“But the last 10 minutes of the second half could have been bad. I thought they had a chance to score a few chances. We got off our feet. I just felt relaxed for 10 minutes. We can.”
“We’re much better now. We’re winning 2-0 but we’re on a break. We came out and it was a great free kick that destroyed the game. Six.
“They have to play well because the Weimuth are fighting for their lives. However, we have to control much more of the game we use in the second half.”

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