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Lionel Messi opens up on Argentina’s only heartache from World Cup triumph By expressing regret for the ugly scenes that took place in the quarter-final game over the Netherlands.

The Paris Saint-Germain star celebrated a 73rd-minute penalty by running over to Netherlands manager Louis van Gaal and covering his ears with his hands.

Van Gaal had said before the game that Messi “rarely plays against the opponent when he has the ball”, saying the Argentinian only helps his team-mates in defense little.

Van Gaal also said that in the 2014 World Cup semi-final, the last meeting between the two nations, Messi “didn’t touch the ball”.

Messi told reporters after the game he felt “disrespectful” by the decorated coach’s remarks.

“I don’t like to say that before games,” he said.

“He shouldn’t talk the way he does.”

The clash between the two heavyweights at the World Cup created tension, with defensive midfielder Leandro Paredes blasting the ball into the Dutch bench. before Dutch captain Virgil van Dijk knocked him to the ground.

Messi himself reportedly snapped at the weapon. Wake hours Dutch goal scorer during a post-game interview that “What silly thing are you looking at?

“Back there”

More than a month after Argentina’s final World Cup victory Messi has opened up about the ugly scenes that cost him his first World Cup after five attempts.

“I don’t like what I do. I didn’t like what happened after that,” he said.

“This was a very nervous time and everything happened so quickly.

“People respond the way they react.”

during the remainder of the interview Messi said he was selected by the World Cup for a promotion.

“The cup called me, it told me, come and catch me now. You can touch me,” Messi told Argentinian radio station Urbana Play.

“I saw it shining in a beautiful stadium. I didn’t hesitate” to kiss it, he added.

Messi finally lifted the trophy at his fifth and final World Cup. losing to Germany in the 2014 final.

He also played in three Copa America finals before winning that trophy in 2021.

“After suffering and losing the finals God kept it for me,” he said.

He became the first Argentina captain since Diego Maradona in 1986 to lift the World Cup trophy.

“I would like Maradona to give me a trophy. At least he saw the Argentinian champion.”

Maradona died of a heart attack two years ago.

“From above He has given me strength. Like many people who love me,” Messi said.

Speculations about when the four-time Champions League winner will retire abound. Now the only trophy that is always hard to forget about him has been confiscated.

He admitted the end was near after a glorious career which saw him also win 10 La Liga titles with Barcelona. Ligue 1 trophy with Paris Saint-Germain including 7 Ballon d’Or awards

“That’s it. There’s nothing left. I have achieved everything with the national team. with barcelona Be yourself,” he said.

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