‘I just think Leinster will get this done’ – Eddie O’Sullivan

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Eddie O’Sullivan believes Leinster will have enough to beat Ulster in Saturday’s table clash of the BKT United Rugby Championship.

The two sides met at the RDS just eight weeks after Leinster won 20-13 in a tense derby at Kingspan Stadium, while Ulster had doubled in last year’s derby, including a 20-10 win at the RDS last year. already

With Leo Cullen and Dan McFarland resting their key players in last week’s Round of 8 win. Both sides are expected to be at full strength on Saturday.

And with Derby serving as dress rehearsal for next week’s Champions Cup opener, O’Sullivan said he expects full Interpro at RDS.

“Context of Champions Cup next week You want to participate in good results. So whoever loses at the weekend goes into the Champions Cup losing,” the former Ireland coach told the RTÉ Rugby podcast.

“You can see both teams putting their best teams on the pitch. That’s the beauty of it.

“What I miss is Interpros where everyone is on deck. Everyone is playing. We’ve had some Interpros in the past few years that have caused a lot of teams to retire. Everyone tried to get excited about it. But the truth of the matter is When a team is short of 5-6 players, it’s hard to get excited because it loses Interpro’s advantage.

“I remember when I was the Irish coach, I used to watch Christmas Interpros through my fingers because the two teams would knock on each other. And they all entered the camp the following week when the walker was injured.

“We don’t have many Interpros anymore. But this is where everyone is on deck at the appointed time.”

Lester has played at 100 per cent in eight games this season. Most recently, they beat the Glasgow Warriors 40-5 on Saturday.

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Ulster are their closest challengers with six wins from their seven games. The only defeat was a loss to Leinster in Belfast at the end of September.

“They’ve definitely closed the gap,” said former Ireland international Ian Keatley. “They really improved their game. They are good, strong, driving scrambles where they try to score. But they can mix it up backwards and be really creative.”

“I don’t think Lester will forget James Hume’s celebration after he scored in last year’s thumping. Shrug like it’s not a big deal about winning in Leinster. The ster will bite some. And they won’t.” Don’t prone easily, especially with the returning national team.

“It leads to exciting battles. They are almost the top two teams in Ireland and the entire league.”

Although Ulster has only lost once this season. But they are eight points back from defending champions the Irish Shield after their sixth-round game against the Sharks in Durban was postponed due to illness at Camp Ulster.

And although Ulster has game in hand, O’Sullivan believes the potential to maintain a double-digit lead at the top of the table could be a deciding motive for Leinster.

“I still think Leinster will win the game,” said O’Sullivan.

“Leinster left Ravenhill with the skin of their teeth earlier this season. They sewed the game and put Ulster back in and I think they were very lucky to come out of it. But I just think Leinster gets this done.

“It gives them a huge breathing space at the top of the league. If Leinster takes a double-digit lead at the top of the league It will put a lot of pressure on them in terms of managing their resources. That’s why it’s an important game.”

“I can slap myself in the face. But I think in this situation at home Stern always gets the job done.”

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