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Odell Beckham Jr. was not suitable for the Cleveland Browns. Would it be better with the Rams? History will say no.

The first letters of the three most popular names in the sport are combined in “Ram” and need to be slightly adjusted to suit the situation.
OB Why?
Odell Beckham’s signing with Jr. on Thursday looks very similar to the night before Matthew Stafford tried to get the ball out of the finish line.
They are trying to play the hero wrong. They are shooting stupidly for an inaccessible star. They don’t even look down.
OBJ is a rare footballer who fits all stereotypes, from legitimate celebrities, Hollywood stars, internet clicks, to LeBron James’s greeting tweet about a great Los Angeles athlete.
What he doesn’t have is a very good receiver. And what he does is bring drama and distraction.
The rams didn’t need any of these, but they took her as if she were starring in “Dancing with the Stars” and ignored the scandal she caused.
It’s really different from them. The management couple Kevin Demoff and Les Snead have created a culture of victory by bringing in great players like Matthew Stafford and Jalen Ramsey, who have been brave and brilliant for five years since their return to Los Angeles. recently von Miller.
During the Super Bowl two years ago, Sneed said, “We always say that we don’t always gather talent here, we build a team, and there is more to it than just the skills on the football field.”
OBJ is the exact opposite.
It’s not about the team, otherwise the Browns, who are fighting for the playoffs, would be in Cleveland. Midfielder Baker Mayfield had more and more trouble catching the ball, but OBJ was disappointed he didn’t throw the ball. He finally broke up after his father posted an 11-minute video on social media highlighting moments when he didn’t pass his son to Mayfield.
Does that sound like a “We’re not me” Rams player symbol?
It’s not about the team, but the 2014 season of the best new player gradually turned into a daily drama, which may have been a long time working for the New York Giants, who highlighted their 2016 boat trip to Miami with teammates and friends. Season playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. The champions attacked and Beckham was terrible, and two years later he was replaced by the Browns.
Does it feel like a post-season asset to you?
By the way, it’s been seven years since OBJ’s one-handed success in Monday night football and five years since the Pro Bowl.

During his first three years in the league, he finished first in attack and third in reception. For the past five years, he has been ranked 56th and 41st at the reception.

On October 17, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. played against the Arizona Cardinals.

He made 29 appearances for the Browns, scoring at least 100 yards twice. He complained to Mayfield that he wasn’t targeted enough, but since 2019, Mayfield has made only 55% of his passes when a defender throws him, ranking 59th out of 62 jump-receiver pairs.
Now 29, he joins Matthew Stafford’s most prolific point guard, Cooper Coop’s best receiver, Robert Woods’ best blocker, Van Jefferson’s rising star … and suddenly he’ll be. Ready to get into the background quietly? Really?
There are those who say the purchase is low risk, with only 8 games left in a normal season, the Rams can cut it off at any time, and how much of a problem can a guy really cause?
If so, wouldn’t Desin Jackson stay on the team? He complained that he did not get enough targets and was immediately released. For Sean McWay’s team, chemistry is important, selflessness is important, and “where your feet are” is important.
Maybe strong veterans like Aaron Donald can keep the OBJ under control. But even in just two months, a split character can upset these joint legs.
Stafford apparently issued a warning to the media on Thursday after the acquisition.
“Everyone on our team does their job well,” he said. “They’ve done a great job of figuring out what this character should look like, and they’re out there and proving it on both the training ground and the game, and I know they’ll do the same if they get a chance.”
Kupp agrees, saying the culture has become too powerful and can’t crumble under the weight of old superstars.
‘I think the main thing about playing here is not about what we’re talking about, but I think you can be like a thumb when you don’t want to play for the guys around you. I don’t think anyone wants to be like that, “Kupp said.” If you’re not involved, you have no place to be. It’s not very pleasant to be here, so I think having such a thing encourages people to reach such a standard … and why we guys came in, it’s just not possible elsewhere, come on. Be a great teammate, be a great footballer for us. “
John Johnson III, the former Rams security, is now with Brown, but not so sure.
“They did something as good as a complete crime,” Johnson told reporters Thursday. ‘I don’t know, I’ve known since I was in LA that attacks go through Cooper Coop, even in running, passing and screen play. . Of course, Odell is a big name, and he obviously wants that kind of attention. It will be interesting. “
The Rams didn’t need anything interesting. There was no need to pay attention to the Rams. The Rams didn’t need an OBJ.

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