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Jack Leach reveals the effect of Ben Stokes and his Australian inspiration

English spinner Jack Leach has already been exposed to some sleds by Australian fans after landing before the opening of Ashes next Wednesday in Gabba.
The rain in Brisbane has so far limited England’s ability to acclimatize to local conditions after the first two days of their last warm-up match were washed away.

Lively terrain is expected for the first test, given the constant wet weather in southeastern Queensland recently.

On Wednesday, Leach said expected conditions could cause teammates Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson to lick their lips.

“I went for food with Brody and Anderson the other day, and someone came in and started saying, ‘Hey, guys, I just want to wish you the best of luck in Gabba,’” Leach said.

“And then he told us, ‘This is going to be a green sailor in Gabba,’ and I thought, ‘I’m not sure this is the best sleigh for two of the greatest bowlers England has ever had.’

“So I think they were pretty happy with that.”

Broad knocked down Australian opener David Warner more than seven times in just 104 deliveries during the 2019 Ashes series, but Leach said the sailor would not rest on his laurels.

“Stu didn’t talk about it. He knows that the conditions here are obviously different, “he said.

“He is firmly on the ground and I feel it will make sense to prove and he will be thrilled by the challenge.”

Leach, the orthodox left-handed shooter who famously survived with Ben Stokes to help England achieve a miraculous victory in Heddingley in 2019, is a chance to play in his first series Ashes on Australian soil.

The 16-year-old 30-year-old revealed that he had taken notes on his opposite number.

“I’ve been watching Nathan Lean for years and he’s very impressive,” Leach said.

“How strong is his stock ball and with wickets that don’t necessarily offer a lot of spins, he has found ways to get extra rebound, dive and all.

“These are the things I’ve been trying to add, but I’m still sticking to my strengths.”

Although there is no guarantee of a place in XI, Leach admitted that his chances of selection have been greatly improved by adding a universal Stokes to the touring party.

The Stokes’ arrival in Australia, after being ruled out due to a finger injury, also gave the team a big boost, according to Leach.

“It’s great to have him again and he was brilliant. He’s such a team man and the group is better just because he’s in it, “Leach added.

“He really brings the boys together, so that was really good. It looks good, bowling, cotton wool, I’ve played it. It doesn’t block too many balls from the spinners. “

As for the expected teasing with the Australian crowds, Leach is happy to get the full experience of Ashes.

“Well, I’ve heard that Australian fans are really nice, so it should be fine,” he said.

“But I think it’s all part of it, and I’m looking forward to all this stuff, and I’m excited to see it firsthand because I’ve heard great things.”


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