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Highlights from all Premier League matches this season are displayed on the Sky Sports website and app. Norwich vs Man City, Newcastle vs Aston Villa, and Leicester vs West Ham are all live on Sky Sports. Seize Your Chance To Win £250,000 By Playing Super 6 On Saturday

Premier League Prediction: Jones Knows Sees Liverpool Vs Tottenham Win

Highlights from all Premier League matches this season are displayed on the Sky Sports website and app. Norwich vs Man City, Newcastle vs Aston Villa, and Leicester vs West Ham are all live on Sky Sports. Seize Your Chance To Win £250,000 By Playing Super 6 On Saturday

Informationalist Jones Knows brings you to the Premier League weekend, providing insights, predictions and betting angles.

Burnley v Liverpool, Sunday 2pm
Please pray for the Burnley defense. Liverpool are unbeaten for good reason and have scored three goals each in their last three successful Turf Moor visits.

This is where heading to the card market can be a path to profit, as there is no worthy angle to look at in match market odds.

Liverpool’s routine win over the cards allowed us to see a scenario where the match would end entirely in a contest in under 60 minutes. That’s why I became interested in games with fewer cards. Liverpool matches against lower ranked teams are usually a low card issue as the opposing team is unwilling or unable to make the match public. In their last 22 fixtures against teams that either finished the season or are currently in the bottom four, Liverpool’s games averaged just 1.9 cards per 90 minutes.

Interestingly, 8 of those fixtures produced no cards for either team, which means that 5 of the last 8, including the last two meetings between these two teams, end the game with a zero card count. It is becoming a common theme in these types of fixtures, as we have seen. .

You can go the same way as 12/1 with the possibility of no cards as Martin Atkinson is in the center. The generous management has shown no more than one card in 6 of their 14 Premier League games this season, including the last two.

Score Prediction: 0-3 | Betting Angle: No cards shown (12/1 Sky Bet – place your bet here!)
Newcastle vs Aston Villa, Sunday 2pm, Live on Sky Sports

Here are two clubs claiming to have their fortunes skyrocketed due to the manager change. Eddie Howe and Steven Gerrard both took on the team for the first time on November 20 and if the season started on that date, Aston Villa would be 7th and Newcastle would be tied for 11th. Both are moving in the right direction and it’s hard to tell the difference when evaluating the match market.

Sergio Reguilon celebrates scoring his only goal of the season for Tottenham

A draw is the biggest price for all three outcomes and seems like a reasonable way to approach it from a betting standpoint.

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A draw on the road is also scheduled for Villa.

They left the away matches without 15 matches (W6, L9). It may sound like a long run, but it’s nothing compared to a record draw run. For example, home and away combined, the longest record without a draw in the Premier League is 32 games for Tottenham in the 18/19 season. In 1897 it was Darwen FC in the second division!

Also, there were 28 longer runs without an away draw in the Premier League than Villa’s current 15. This includes two (16 and 19) of Aston Villas. That doesn’t mean it’s a draw here.

Score Prediction: 1-1 | Betting Angle: Back to Draw (11/4 of Sky Bet – Bet Here!)
Tottenham vs Wolf, Sunday 2pm
There won’t be much in this meeting. Never in a Wolfs game. The only time in their last 17 Premier League matches either side had a margin of victory by more than one goal was their 2-0 loss to Crystal Palace.

Tottenham’s added quality in the forward area should prove to be the difference, but Spurs will have to play with a bigger rhythm than they did against Southampton to find a way through the tough Wolves defense.

Sergio Reguilon is too expensive to score his first goal 40/1 with Sky Bet. It’s surprising that the aggressive wing-back has only scored once since Antonio Conte took over. Opposing defenders per 90 minutes.

Opportunities are also dwindling. His estimated goalscoring data of 0.25 goals per 90 (so he has to score in every 4 games) certainly makes him one of Tottenham’s biggest goal threats. He missed a glorious opportunity in the first half against Southampton, but the market still didn’t take advantage of his scoring opportunity. 40/1 is a really crazy price.

Score Prediction: 1-0 | Betting Angle: Sergio Reguilon Goes First (Sky Bet – Bet Here!) to 40/1
Leicester v West Ham, Sunday 4:30pm live on Sky Sports

My eyes focused on the gun match-shot market, which has the potential to be a game full of opportunity and offensive intent.

Leicester are taking 16.8 shots per game in the Premier League this season. This is the most in the division. They also faced the most total shots (348), despite Burnley’s playing fewer games. Brendan Rodgers is not the manager who will change his ways and close the store so Leicester will remain a team that gives a lot of opportunities while he is still in charge.

West Ham have also faced a lot of shooting towards goal over the past month. The Hammers defend deeper than most top teams, so opposing teams look for areas they can easily reach. David Moyes’ men have faced a whopping 14.8 shots per 90 minutes in their last 9 Premier League games. Gathering these two averages together gives a total of around 30 shots, so if you expect the match to be going at low tide, chances of 28+ match shots look like they’re worth playing.

Score Prediction: 2-2 | Betting Angle: 28+ Match Shots (10/11 Sky Bet – Bet Here!)
Jones Nose’s Best Bet….
P+L as of season: +48
1pt on: Southampton takes 5 or more corners and takes 12 or more shots (9/2 for Sky Bet – bet here!)

1pt on: Leeds with 50+ Reserved Points and 14+ Shots (4/1 for Sky Bet – bet here!)

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