Lawmakers say Prince William County is considering building a new stadium for the Washington football team. – Indepediente Daily Sports News

Located in Sumerfield, Maryland, Prince George’s County, FedEx Stadium has been home to Washington’s football team since 1997.

Prince William County is one of the states in North Virginia that plans to build a new stadium and shopping mall for the Washington football team, two local state legislators have said.
State Sen. Jeremy McPike, D-29, and Del Luke Torian, D-52, said they met with Washington football team officials last week to discuss the possibility.
McPike said he had discussed with officials the possibility of building a reduced-capacity stadium in Northern Virginia that would be accompanied by an “energetic” mixed-use, entertainment district. McPike likened the plan to a “mini-city” with apartment blocks, restaurants and other entertainment venues.
“I’m open-minded,” McPike said. “I think there’s a lot of potential. It’s really convenient.”

McPike said it was too early to know where the stadium complex could be located in Prince William State, but added that it would need to be near a major road such as a transit center or Interstate 95.

The new stadiums of the National Football League are being set up as a wide-ranging zone where you can make money all year round, not just during home games a few days a year. The Washington Post reported on Monday, December 20, that Prince William and Lawwood are planning to build similar facilities in and around the state. The team did not rule out possible locations in Washington, Maryland and DC, reports The Post.
Torian confirmed on Tuesday that he had spoken to Washington football team officials.
“[Prince William] is the second largest state in the Commonwealth, so I think it’s a good thing we’re discussing our state. No one knows what the outcome will be, but I think it’s good for Prince William County to just get involved in the conversation, ”Torian said.
The Washington football team’s contract at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland expires in 2027, after which the team can have a new home.
The team is discussing with Virginia lawmakers plans to pass legislation in the 1990s that would change the powers of the baseball stadium, which was created in the 1990s to attract Virginia baseball leagues to Virginia. Funding and construction of the NFL Stadium.
Legislation to change the powers of the existing Commonwealth Stadium has not yet been submitted ahead of the January 12 General Assembly session.
McPike and Torian declined to comment on the specifics of the legislation, but McPike confirmed the team was “watching the stadium authorities.”

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