Leeds United have condemned the abominable homosexual remarks directed at a Chelsea star footballer. – Indepediente Daily Sports News

Crystal Palace’s Conor Gallagher during the Premier League match against Aston Villa on November 27, 2021 in Selhurst Park, London, England.

Leeds United have criticized Crystal Palace for insulting homosexuals at Conor Gallagher’s football fans.
Gallagher, who has been on loan at Crystal Palace from Chelsea all season, was involved in the first half of Tuesday’s game against the club. The game was part of the Premier League’s Rainbow Lace campaign with Stonewall to fight homosexuality and promote LGBT + in the sport.
However, the atmosphere between Tuesday’s Leeds and Crystal Palace matches was nothing short of welcoming. During a game on Elland Road, a group of fans shouted at the midfielder, who was on loan, “Chelsea tenant boy”.
Leeds United said in a statement that their support for the game was “amazing” before condemning “unacceptable” gay violence.
“Once again, the fans came out behind the team and played a huge role in pushing the players to get the late winner,” the statement said.
“However, we are aware of the homophobic scandal targeting the Crystal Palace player and we want to make it clear that this is unacceptable.”
Leeds United, among other support groups, said it would work closely with the LGBT + group to “do everything possible to eliminate homosexuality and any other forms of discrimination from football clubs.”
The march added that the work done to promote and support the participation of the LGBT + community was widely welcomed by fans. However, he warned that “unacceptable noise is heard from time to time” and work needs to be done.
“Last night’s ‘rent boy’ scandal is an example of that,” the group said. “It’s undoubtedly homosexual and will never be accepted.”
The song was sung in the 1980s after a newspaper reported that a Chelsea hooligan had been found in bed with a prostitute (or “rental boy”). According to the Marching Out, some football fans have linked the scandal to Chelsea’s constant lending to players.


Unfortunately, like many people who are drowning in homosexuality, it is based on the conclusion that being weird is somehow a source of shame, embarrassment, or condemnation.
It is wrong and disgusting to use someone’s sexuality as a form of violence against others, and countless LGBT + football fans have tried to eliminate such homosexual violence from their favorite sport.
In August, the Football Association condemned the “rental interest” insult, saying it was “disgusting” and “does not evoke a sense of belonging.” In an interview with Sky Sports News, Eldin John, the Football Association’s director for equality, diversity and participation, said the stigma was “on a par with racism”.
Chelsea Pride said in a statement that it was “very disappointed” to hear gay voices directed at Conor Gallagher. The LGBT + group called on clubs and football officials to “be tougher on fans who use the language.”
“There is no homophobia, no biphobia, no transphobia in football and in society,” said Chelsea Pride. “We need to get rid of all forms of discrimination from our favorite games.”

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