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By Mike Blake
Sep 22, 2021
Let’s talk about football.

There is a lot of money in football.


You may have heard or read about Bishop Sycamore, the Ohio-based school that is not a school, but a football factory. So far, we’re not sure B.S. has made a lot of money from this game or what their endgame financial benefits plan is. The “high school” team played for real money, and although they didn’t receive a lot of money from ESPN, the exhibit and its Go Fund Me page were grown to earn thousands, and players received national recognition for potential college scholarships, until their game was discovered.

Here is the matter of money. When it comes to college, throw in 2020 and the 20 Most Profitable NCAA College Football Programs grossed a combined $ 925 million after spending. The SEC is the leading conference on the ground and on the balance sheet, with nine schools in the top 20.

USC is California’s top school, ranking 19th nationally with $ 29 million, but Oregon (11th) and Washington (14th) lead Pac 12 with $ 40 million and $ 38 million, respectively. of profits. By comparison, Texas leads all NCAA schedules, earning $ 92 million on football, with Tennessee falling far behind with $ 70 million. The top seven programs all benefit over $ 50 million per year.


When it comes to high school football, a big game between traditional rivals in the high school community can bring in over 10% of a school’s sports income for a year. A poorly followed match can cost the school money. Schools often depend on profitable football programs to help fund other sports. Football revenues help cover the costs of baseball and softball equipment, athletic uniforms, basketballs, hockey equipment, soccer balls, and field maintenance .

There is money in football, but what do you think of colleges that are football factories or high school programs – despite Bishop Sycamore – that are football production lines? BS and some major high school programs attack the purity of high school prom, but should never take away the innocence, enthusiasm, community pride, school spirit, student enthusiasm and family fun of legitimate high school programs.

The High Desert Conference is full of traditional and proud community football programs and counts on your support, led by the pride of Lake Isabella, the Kern Valley Broncs. In this battered time, go ahead and cheer on your boys. Show them your pride… show them the community is behind them.

Your homework of the week


Do you like or don’t you like the Broncs team nickname? Are you in favor of change? If so, please let me know. Are there other hometown nicknames that set you apart? Do you know the story of your school mascot? And which academic or professional mascots make you laugh or cringe? Let me know at mike@kvsun.com and I’ll post some of the best or funniest, with your name as a contributor. Also, if you are interested in a game, event, or sporting activity in your community, drop me a note, a good photo (even a phone photo will do) with those photos tagged and I will give you the credit if we use it.

See you next time.

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