Liverpool are set to make a £ 22m move to the Champions League as Manchester United close their gap. – Indepediente Daily Sports News


Liverpool have improved their UEFA rankings in recent years

The Champions League was profitable for Liverpool under FSG
Liverpool are on their way to earning millions more from next season’s Champions League.
After a 2-2 draw at Manchester City on Sunday, the Reds are looking for an unprecedented square footage and are battling it out on all possible fronts just weeks before the end of the season to win the Premier League title, the Champions League and the FA Cup. They all won the league title last month.
Last year, Jürgen Klopp’s men were in the top four, focusing on playing in the Champions League, putting in great form in the final stages of the season and finishing third. and a place in Europe’s most prestigious and lucrative knockout club competition. Losing key players due to injuries was a bitter celebration they endured, and it was a great privilege to be selected as a football club after January, when the success of their business model depended heavily on their success. on the site.
Liverpool have nothing to worry about in next season’s Champions League, it’s already guaranteed. The only thing that worries Reds fans is whether they will compete for the English title, the European Championship and the title. In any case, Liverpool are looking to make more money from next year’s competition thanks to their impressive performances in the 2021/22 season.
Ibrahimovic Conate, Sadio Mane and Luis Diaz scored in Portugal’s 10th Champions League game on Wednesday night to give Liverpool a 3-1 aggregate lead at Anfield to reach the quarter-finals against Benfica. weeks. Few would have bet that Klopp and his accusers would be one step closer to reaching the semi-finals and the final on May 28 in Paris.
The Champions League has been a huge success for Liverpool in recent years. Six of the first seven years of Fenway Sports Group’s ownership have been spent outside the Champions League, and the success since 2018, with the Reds reaching the final, is more important than the fact that they have so far improved their odds at UEFA. money for next season’s pot.
European clubs take a sliding part of the TV market, which is divided among the 32 teams that qualify. The odds are calculated based on the club’s 10-year history, with clubs scoring points for each Champions League campaign. Liverpool’s move away from the European elite has led them to overtake them, but they have had a lot of success in the last season, leading the class with 26 points.
Based on the 2021/22 Champions League revenue distribution, Liverpool received € 22.7 million (£ 19 million) from the market fund. The Reds dismantled 528 divisions worth € 600.6 million (£ 502.5 million), received € 1.137 million (£ 0.95 million) and then distributed to clubs based on their position among the 32 teams in the selection process. clubs. Moldova’s Sheriff Tiraspol, the lowest-ranked team in the Champions League this year, received € 1.137 million from the market, while Real Madrid, the club with the highest odds, multiplied the number by 32. Earn 36.38 million euros (30.44 million pounds) from the market fund.
According to Liverpool’s ten-year odds, they are 13th on the 10-year list, behind Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla and Porto. Based on the current situation, the Reds will be in 10th place in next year’s list, and all three clubs will qualify for next year’s competition based on their current domestic performance. That means Liverpool will claim € 26.15 million (£ 21.9 million) from the market next year. Although Liverpool have won all of their Champions League games this season, they will be four points behind ninth-placed Manchester United, but United are unlikely to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

As part of the market, four new teams will be added to the league format, with each team playing more games, with a new TV deal set to take place in 2024 and a major overhaul of the Champions League through the “Swiss model”. The pool cake will only increase. At that point, Liverpool will be in a position to significantly increase their odds in order to make the most of the revenue offered.

Everton News LIVE – Richardson’s Eyes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Reform, Moise Key’s Future
Everton trade news with the latest news, rumors, gossip and speculation about Nathan Patterson, Moses Keane, Donnie van de Beck, Richardson, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Frank Lampard and other players.
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Everton striker Richardson has been linked with a move away from the club, while striker Mose Keane and Dominic Calvert-Levin have been linked with a move away from the club.
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Destroyed Everton moments
My hidden influence
Everton may not have been out on Saturday with the rest of the team, but Jerry Mina may have been really active. Fortunately, Frank Lam will soon be able to meet the center-back, and soon after the mini-break, he will be fighting at Leicester City – the Colombian team he works for has come on the field. I stopped near the game and the tunnel and watched as the Blues warmed up.
The players had to work alongside their charming team before returning to the basement for final training and entering the locker room.
Mina put five of them next to each other, hugged them tightly, and encouraged them as much as they could before the game, which they thought was a very important game. The tunnel didn’t really show Mina’s leadership on the field, and her actions are another example.
Manchester United are cooperating in the investigation of the attack on Cristiano Ronaldo Everton fan
Manchester United are working with Merseyside Police Football and Football in the wake of a case involving Cristiano Ronaldo and 14-year-old Everton fans following Saturday’s game at Goodison Park.
Ronaldo’s video after Everton’s 1-0 win over Everton in the Premier League has shattered the phone from Jake Harding’s hand, with his mother claiming that the United striker attacked and injured Sarah Kelly from Upton. .
The incident came after Ronaldo and his team returned to the locker room at Everton’s Park Ande parking lot after Anthony’s Gordon was defeated again in the first half. With autism and sadness, Jake watched the game and decided that United players were holding the pitch.
Ronaldo then went on social media to offer Jake a trip to Old Trafford as a sign of “fair play and sportsmanship” and publicly apologized to the plant.
Sarah’s mother told ECHO on Saturday night that the phone in the video, which was shared on social media, belonged to her son.
“The full-time Manchester United players started walking. We were in Par End, so we were near the tunnel passing by them – my son was recording everything there.

Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo breaks again at Everton

Coleman: We have to be together on this
Seamus Coleman will need to make an effort for Everton from now until the end of the season.
The Blues regained their spirits after beating Manchester United last Saturday and should be confident that Frank Lampard’s side will be able to do the same next week.
From now on until May, Coleman is on evertontv: “We have to stay in the last 8 games, we are in a better situation for the rest and we hope we will all be happier.
“Thank you, we’re back home for the next game [against Leicester]. It’s a big bonus for us. The fans will be right behind us.
‘As we look forward to our next game, it has to come back and be consistent. It is hoped that the outcome will be resolved first and then. “

Seamus Coleman celebrates his goal against Leeds

Juventus face a “difficult” decision
There have been rumors that the Italian striker could return to PSG, but Juventus are unwilling to keep Moise Keane.
Tutto Mercato’s latest report shows that it would be “difficult” for Keane to stay in Turin if he could return to PSG only if Mauro Icardi is transferred to Ligue 1.

Juventus striker Moize Keane

Calvert-Lewin talks about criticizing Everton
Dominique Calvert-Lewin addressed critics of his life away from the football field, describing the “dark places” he experienced when he was injured for Everton just before the campaign.
The striker was out of action for about four months during the election campaign between August and January after suffering from a square headache. A number of setbacks along the way mean the 25-year-old is still finding a way to be fully sharp on his side.
Calvert-Lewin has been involved in off-field projects several times during his off-season and since his return. She was a guest on Monday night’s football show in November and showed her love of fashion in an interview with various magazines during the campaign.
In some ways, these decisions have been criticized by supporters. However, the striker explained his choice to those who felt that he did not pay attention to football every time he came away from the field.
He told Everton’s official program: “It can be misinterpreted that people don’t pay attention to your skills to do things outside of football. Every time I make a choice, I think, ‘How will this affect my football?’
“It’s been like this since I was little. I’ve dedicated my whole life to football. What people read on social media or see in the media is a small part of my life.

Everton Dominic Calvert-Lewin

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