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Aaron Wan-Bissaka: Man Utd defender given six-month driving ban, football, sport
Aaron Wan-Bissaka joined Manchester United from Crystal Palace for £ 50m in June 2019

Manchester United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka has been fined £ 31,500 for six months.

At an earlier court hearing, he admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance after being stopped by police in Manchester on 23 June.

Prior to his trial of two speeding violations in Bradford in September 2020, Wan-Bissaka admitted he had not provided any information about the driver.

The 24-year-old’s lawyer said the paperwork went to a former home.

Shaun Draycott told Manchester Magistrates’ Court that Wan-Bissaka was in a “state of complete ignorance” as notification letters had been sent to his previous home in Croydon.

Unresponsive, Wan-Bissaka was banned from driving for six months in his absence on June 18 in Leeds Magistrates’ Court.

Five days later, his Lamborghini Urus was stopped on the A34 in Manchester and confiscated by police.

The footballer already had six points on his license from a conviction in April 2020, the court heard.

Mr Draycott told the judges, “When he was stopped on the A34, he was courteous and respectful to the officers, and he showed them that he had no idea he was being disqualified.”

‘Pay the price’

He said Wan-Bissaka went to his first club, Crystal Palace, when he was 11 and first hired an agent seven years later.

The lawyer said soccer agents were not only responsible for finances but were responsible for all kinds of personal services.

Since his client moved to Manchester United in 2019, Draycott has said arrangements have been made for Wan-Bissaka’s agent to visit his former home in London.

This was to ensure that his affairs were properly handled.

Mr Draycott stated that the property was being renovated around the time the letters were sent from Yorkshire.

“I think the redevelopment problem has caused some trouble. He felt that things were being taken care of, and obviously not, and now he has to pay the price,” he said.

He accepted that Wan-Bissaka had also failed to notify the DVLA of his change of address in 2019.

District Judge Bernard Begley pointed out that at least “six or seven letters” relating to the speeding violations had been sent to the Croydon address.

However, he admitted that Wan-Bissaka did not know he was disqualified on June 23.

Judge Begley told the footballer: “Given the circumstances, it was advisable for you to delegate the tasks related to the move from the London address to Manchester is an issue you should consider.”

Wan-Bissaka, who lives in Hale, Greater Manchester with his partner and 12 month old child, was fined £ 30,000 for driving during disqualification and a total of £ 1,500 for failing to provide speeding information admit.

He was also sentenced to pay a victim surcharge of £ 190 and court costs of £ 160.

No separate penalty was imposed for the insurance offense.

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