Man Utd fans are among the top three negatives of the Premier League and Leeds fans are second – NALABLAB NEWS

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Manchester United’s weak form this season has made fans increasingly frustrated, and a report confirmed that Red Devils fans are among the top three in the Premier League.

Manchester United fans are among the top three negative camps in the Premier League, with rival Leeds United in second place.

A study by that analyzed more than three million tweets this season for Premier League fans found the Red Devils to be the third most negative. United showed an astonishing negative mood among its fans, averaging 28 per cent, just 0.1 per cent above Leicester City.

A very disappointing season is coming for Ralf Rangnick’s team, as they have dropped out of all their cup races and could be eliminated from the top four, despite throwing well over £ 100 million this summer.

Leeds finished in second place with an average of 29.3 per cent, which is not surprising given the dramatic downturn since last season. The Yorkshire team is in 16th place on the table, just seven points above the relegation zone due to their bad form, which led to the expulsion of Marcelo Bielsa, the much-loved head coach, in February.

According to the report, Newcastle is the Premier League’s most negative fan base despite a massive takeover in November. The fate of the Magpies has changed drastically since the successful January transfer period and they no longer sit in the relegation zone, but years of disappointment seem to have made an impact.

The report also revealed that West Ham and then Arsenal have the most volatile supporters in England. Hammers fans had the biggest difference between their happiest and most negative period.

Only 13.5 percent of West Ham fans ’tweets were negative in their most positive period (November), while in the second week of February, two out of five posts were on the unhappy side (39.8 percent) – a difference of 26.3 percent. percentage points.

Meanwhile, the Gunners ’highest weekly negative sentiment was an astonishing 41.3 percent at the start of the season, the lowest at 16.4 percent, a 24.9 percent change. Arsenal’s drastic improvement, led by Mikel Arteta, has surpassed all expectations for the season as they are expected to finish fourth in the Champions League.

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