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The Irons supremo has gone through its share of critics over the years and admits it’s hard to take a chance

David Moyes has opened up about the mental health battles he has faced in his managerial career, noting that he feels it is something only a fellow football-minded person can experience.

The West Ham boss is arguably riding the pinnacle of the popular form he has enjoyed in the more than a decade and a half since he was in charge of Everton, following difficult spells with Manchester United, Real Sociedad and Sunderland, among others.

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With the Hammers gearing up for next month’s Europa League quarter-finals, the Scot has had a good time at the London Stadium – but now, in an interview with Alan Shearer, he has reflected on the difficulties managers face in and out of work.

What has been said?

“Obviously when you don’t work you find it difficult,” Moyes told The Athletic. “You always feel the criticism you get when you leave your job, even if a lot of it isn’t true and there’s a lot of untruth in it.

“You find yourself battling things that you don’t think are fair, really. The biggest thing I did was make sure I tried to go and retrain, re-learn, keep myself busy. I think if you’re a real footballer, You understand people’s levels.

“People who have been professionals like you, players or managers in the game, understand that we can all go through bad times and things don’t always go well, but I think there is a different level of media attention.”
Moyes reflects on mental health


Elsewhere, Moyes – famously handpicked to replace Sir Alex Ferguson at United, only to be sacked in his maiden season – alluded to increased recognition for mental health in the game, but acknowledged that thick skin was something the public needed. eye.

“It’s only if you’re in the business that you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about,” he added. “There’s all the stuff we talk about with mental health nowadays, and I think we’re getting closer to understanding that, yet it’s still OK to discuss a football manager’s job on television or radio and people talk about it as if it’s a jokey matter.

“Did it have an effect? It did. But look, ultimately I’ve got a strong family, a great wife behind me, and we got through it fine. Football is a game. Sometimes it will be bad and you have to live with that, but you see what’s going on.”

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