Manchester City fans have confirmed that they are right about the UEFA circus, and Manchester United have been disqualified from the Champions League.


The draw for the last 16 of the Champions League on Monday has been postponed due to a bug in the tank system developed by Manchester United and UEFA.

Breaking News: UEFA is ruined!
That’s not breaking news – Manchester City fans have been saying this for years.
European football was devastated on Monday by the confusion of the UEFA Champions League last 16 draw.
Manchester United drew with Villarreal as they were drawn from second place. Of course, this did not happen because the couple met in the group stage.
City were then selected to face the Europa League champions, but UEFA did not return United to the draw, in its own words, “due to technical problems with the software of an external service provider”.
Atletico Madrid’s next was a large plastic cup, with UEFA Secretary General Giorgio Marchetti mistakenly claiming that “Atletico have all the options except for Liverpool, who are part of the group, and Manchester United, who have already drawn.” “
Atletico drew with Bayern Munich and United took on Paris Saint-Germain, but Atletico then announced the draw again and their wishes came true. United now face Diego Simeone in the Dark Hosts of European football, while City will travel to Lisbon in early spring to join Sporting.
Many United fans, including Lionel Messi, Kilian Mbappe and Neymar, have expressed regret at UEFA’s incompetence when they briefly considered tearing down Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof.
We hate to tell you that we are United fans, but on the other side of Manchester, UEFA has always said that it is a bobbin.
Are you comfortable?

The draw for the Champions League resumed on Monday afternoon due to a mistake

In 2012, City were fined by UEFA for returning half an hour and a minute late in a Europa League match against Sporting. In the previous round, a group of Porto fans were fined a small amount of money for racially motivated violence against Mario Balotelli.
Despite the fact that CSKA discriminated against Yaya Toure’s players during a visit to Moscow in 2013, UEFA said the punishment would never be criminal.
The following year, City’s away game at CSKA was played behind closed doors and was sanctioned by UEFA for riots involving the Russian club. But it wasn’t really behind closed doors. About 600 “corporate guests”, some dressed in CSKA colors and even sang on the podium, agreed to attend.
At the time of this announcement, the city’s fans, who had already booked flights and accommodation, had not been compensated by the authorities.
It started the unpopular tradition of the Champions League in East Lands, and after a group stage draw with Sevilla in 2015, a UEFA match spokesman told City fans that he was singing the Champions League anthem.
Then there is the whole situation of financial fair play. Most opposition supporters say the city’s fans are unhappy with the European football governing body, but the rap page has repeatedly shown that UEFA does not serve its clubs, players and fans.
According to the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the case against UEFA City had more holes than the Emmental cheese block.
For Marchetti and Andrei Arshavin, UEFA’s system for these cases is ridiculously complicated, to be fair to those who will forever be associated with erroneous lotteries. Why are there so many containers? If you had played for Rod Stewart, you would never have acted like that in the Carabao Cup.
But that’s what UEFA is talking about – always wait for the incompetent. City fans are hoping that others will now see what we have been buzzing about for years.

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