Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero, reminds City not to rely too much on Erling Haaland

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Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero warned City not to rely too much on Erling Haaland to win the Premier League title this season.

English giants Manchester City must not count on Erling Haaland to win the Premier League this season, says Man City legend Sergio Aguero.

Manchester City are five points behind Arsenal having played one game more, and face a real battle to secure a third successive league title.

With Erling Haaland around, however, Manchester City already have the striker on a goalscoring season with 25 goals, and the Norwegian has 31 goals in all competitions since joining in the summer.

If the Blues are to turn their current three-match winning streak into a longer one then Erling Haaland will be key to that.

But Sergio Aguero has warned Manchester City not to pin all their hopes on their new number nine, insisting only his pal Lionel Messi can win the title on his own.

“We have to see first,” Sergio Aguero told Stake of Erling Haaland’s ability to lead City to the title almost single-handedly.

“There is still a lot of season to go. Erling Haaland, who has scored metrics that will break historical records, will play a major role in it.”

“After all, apart from Lionel Messi, no one player can win the League on his own. It’s about the team, and Manchester City have a very talented roster and an amazing staff. They have given a lot of evidence of their great stature, you know they are going to fight until the end.”

Sergio Aguero also insists that Manchester City must not be knocked out of the title race at any cost, noting that their experience of Arsenal could be crucial.

“I wouldn’t say Man City didn’t click. The Premier League is the most competitive league there is, and it’s completely normal to see top contenders get reinforcements and return to their historic standards. It won’t be long before Arsenal or United come back in.”

“Both of them suffered after two very successful cycles of Wenger and Ferguson and now they are back in charge. Manchester City have won 4 of the last 5 Premier Leagues. They are still in a fight, and that needs to be admitted. Roaming from second position, ready to attack – anything can happen .”

“Over the past few years, Manchester City have known how to keep the pulse of the Premier League on. We can’t forget how our race with Liverpool over the last few years was decided by a thin margin. City’s experience in this regard will play a big part.”

“As a leader, you can’t shake the feeling that there is a hot rival in your path, chasing you. Arsenal’s team is younger and has to deal with that pressure. They were solid today, they were determined, but we have to watch until the end.”

“A good example is what happened to Manchester City in 2012, eight points behind United, and we managed to lift the trophy in the last leg.”

“As things stand, it will belong to Arsenal, Manchester City or Manchester United. Newcastle also can’t be ignored, they played a great first half of the tournament.”

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