Manchester United are unsure whether the Brentford game is “safe” after the Covid-19 outbreak – Football Sport

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A number of positive Covid-19 results were recorded on Sunday morning after Saturday’s Norwich win at Manchester United

Manchester United is in talks with the Premier League over whether Tuesday’s Brentford game is “safe” after a Covid-19 outbreak at Old Trafford Club.

Positives reported on Monday have been confirmed by PCR testing and operations at their Carrington training site have been suspended for 24 hours.

The association is concerned about the risk of infection and interruptions in preparations.

And the team won’t travel until a decision is made with the league.

United said they are speaking to the Premier League “as training is canceled, the squad is disrupted and the health of the players and staff is a priority”.

All Manchester United players tested negative ahead of Saturday’s 1-0 Norwich win, but some tested positive ahead of Sunday morning’s practice.

Positive results at Aston Villa and Brighton

Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard confirmed that “a few staff and a few players” tested positive but insisted the “vast majority” were negative and Tuesday’s game against Norwich will not be questioned.

Brighton head coach Graham Potter says there have been “three or four” positive cases at the club whose game against Tottenham was postponed on Sunday after an outbreak in the Spurs squad.

In the championship, Sheffield United’s game against QPR is canceled on Monday due to an outbreak in the QPR roster.

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