Manchester United have announced the sale of three players, including Jaydon Sancho, to replace the new manager. – Indepediente Daily Sports News


Trevor Sinclair gave advice to Manchester United about his summer business.

Manchester United News: Trevor Sinclair Jadon Sancho says United are not fast enough

Former Manchester City star Trevor Sinclair said Jaydon Sancho was “not fast enough” to become a Manchester United winger. Sancho is one of three key players Sinclair is set to sell from United this summer.
According to the analyst, the Red Devils should not only choose Cristiano Ronaldo as the main striker, but also replace David de Gea in scoring. Sinclair says United need to appoint a football director before bringing in a new manager before making major changes to the club in the coming season.
Sancho arrived at Borussia Dortmund last summer for £ 72.9 million and has been in the interest for a year. He began to slow down his career at Old Trafford, but in recent months has taken over under interim boss Ralph Rangnick.
Ronaldo tops United’s all-time goalscoring charts this season, while De Gea has become one of the best players of the season after returning to top form. Sinclair also thinks Rafael Varane is unsuitable for playing in the Premier League.

Manchester United News: Paul Pogba is set to leave his contract

However, Sancho, Ronaldo and De Gea need to be replaced. Sinclair told talkSPORT: “It doesn’t matter if the next manager comes to Manchester United if they don’t get their eggs in the right order and put people in the right place.
“Football directors, philosophers, recruiters, managers, in that order. [Otherwise] they’ll just get into a disagreement with the players.
“If you look to the side, [Paul] Pogba is ready to go. Sancho came in as a winger – he can’t beat the player, not fast enough.
“You have Varane and for me the jury has not yet decided him. You are with Ronaldo and you can’t put pressure on him. Why are you putting him in a football club?
“I said that last summer. He will score a lot of goals, but will Manchester United succeed?
“I don’t think so, because I don’t think they need it.
“Even De Gea, if you’re going to start from the back line, start with De Gea. He’s not good enough with his legs.
“If you want to play modern football played by all the best teams, De Gea is not good enough with his feet.”

“Greatly justified” – a lawsuit filed in Pride Park over the Derby County Stadium solution
Short-term or long-term purchase or lease of Pride Park will be a separate deal and will need to be negotiated with Derby’s preferred bidder, Chris Kirchner.

Derby City Council has the option of buying Pride Park from Mel Morris and renting it back to the club.

North Derby MP Amanda Solloway City Council says the idea of ​​buying Pride Park owner Mel Morris is “a really viable option.”
Today, American businessman Chris Kirchner was named by the administrators as a bidder for the Rams, but the same statement clarified the state of the stadium. “The tender is for the acquisition of Pride Park Stadium only and the purchase of a football club to be negotiated with external stakeholders.”
Former Rams owner Morris owns land through his company after being sold to him while he was club chairman. Derby now rents the stadium from Morris. Therefore, a separate agreement is required to purchase or lease the Kirschner Stadium for short and long term.
Derby City Council had previously rejected a proposal to buy Pride Park after reports over the weekend that the £ 20million deal had “changed the game”. They refused to deny this, saying that only at this stage it would be their “advantage” to buy the club and the stadium together.
“If the council tax is not raised, if it turns into an asset, that is, if it could be rented from the stadium … this is the solution to secure Derby County,” Solloway told the BBC’s Derby political correspondent today (Wednesday). . Football club has a future “
Roberts had earlier reported earlier this week that a “council source” had told them “nothing was addressed directly.” The report also quoted a source as saying, “We have not made a choice on anything … we will do everything possible to help the situation.”

A fan of “Heart of a Lifetime” has published a book about his football shirt collection
Grant Young has been Jambo all his life and has been playing games with his grandfather since he was 10 years old. But it was his wife’s gift that sparked her love of collecting matchsticks.

Giles Russett and Grant drew with their book.

A lifelong supporter of the heart and a clothing collector, he has decided to publish a book about the history of famous shirts from his collection.
Grant Young, 53, started playing Hearts at Tynecastle with his father when he was 10 years old.
The book “51 Shirts: A Moment of Heart Midlot” will celebrate 51 popular Heart sets from the 1950s to the present.
Grant, a project manager at Abrdn, began collecting jerseys in 2000, sponsored by his wife, Ricardo Fuller, in the second half of 2000/2001.
That’s where the desire to collect matchsticks came true.
This book is for Grant’s personal collection and has a foreword by the legend of the heart, Stephen Adam.
The project manager was inspired by the suggestion of his friend Ross Millar and the free time he found during the Coved-19 congestion.
He wrote in the book: “I got the idea for the book from my friend Ross Millar, who used to walk with me during various congestions. He noted that he thought I had a book in my vintage shirt collection.
“So I started thinking about how to shape and frame the collection in the way I thought other people would enjoy.
“I will combine the ideas of the groups and write about the story with a picture if the shirt came from that season or game.
“But when Ross pushed me again, I didn’t think about it for about two months and wrote about how I wanted to do it before sending it to various sports publishers across Edinburgh and the UK.
“I then contacted Pitch Publishing and they said they thought it was a great idea and would be interested. So I worked with Covey over the next 16 months to integrate it.

Bukta home shirt 86/87.

“I think it will be the perfect coffee table book for people, and I remember the messages or memories of Heart Story.
“I wanted to write a piece of my heart story, but after talking to a guy who did something similar about Rangers, I realized it would take me five years, and I didn’t want to make it work.
“What really surprised me was the relationship I had with Stephen Adam,” he said. I bought the shirt he wore when he scored against Rangers in the 1998 Scottish Cup final at the 2012 Heart Save auction.
“From there, we were free to email, but when I told him about the book, he agreed to write the previous word.

2003/04 guest shirt.

“It’s amazing to think that someone from the terrace is actively involved in this book,” he said.
“The book is called 51 Shirts: A Moment of the Heart Midlot and will go on sale on May 16 to mark the anniversary of the Hearts, who beat Hibbs 5-1 in the Scottish Cup final.
“While celebrating one of the biggest successes in the history of Hearts, I wanted to make it a little more articulate.
“I hope that one of the fans will enjoy this book and reminisce about the kit and good memories with their loved ones.”
Grant added that collecting shirts was a relatively elegant task for a small group of football fans, but in recent years it has become more difficult and expensive to collect shirts.

Hearts beat Novern Munich in the 1988/89 season.

However, he said he loves hunting and the society that has emerged from this now popular pastime.
Speaking about how he started collecting shirts, Grant said, “I’ve been collecting matches for about 20 years.
“I have a huge collection of about 270 matching Hearts shirts and about 40 international kits.
“Collection has always been a big part of my life. I had a car when I was little, and then when I started going to games, there were game programs, and I just switched to kits.
“It all started when my wife sponsored Ricardo Fuller in the 2000/2001 season and won the title. From there, I made mistakes and sponsored one player each season and collected shirts – I have Ben Woodburn this season.
“As the number of online stores offering this service has increased, it has become more difficult to collect shirts. There are now a lot of people in the square, which is dedicated to a good group of football fans.
“That being said, I really like being part of the community and I love hunting the best Hearts.”

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