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Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo has been named the player of the season at The Best FIFA awards ceremony on Monday.

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo says he still wants to please fans and relatives around the world after being included in the 2021 FIFPRO Men’s XI World Championships in 2021.
Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi and Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haalan have joined the squad after returning to United from Italian heavyweight Juventus last summer.
Ronaldo was named in the 14th FIFPRO Men’s World XI for the 14th time and received a special award from FIFA for scoring the most goals in the history of international men’s football against Ireland in September. He scored 115 goals for his native Portugal, breaking the record previously held by former Iran striker Ali Daei.
Although he will turn 37 in 14 weeks, the United star will give more for the club and the country.
In his speech at the awards ceremony in Zurich, Ronaldo defined his personal ambitions for the future and continued to delight those who love to see him.
Ronaldo was asked by professional players what it means for him to vote for him in FIFPRO XI. “They know. They know because they understand football. They know what it takes to get to the top. I know what I do, and the results show what I do.
“So thank you. Thank you to everyone who voted for me to be there. It will continue to please me and make people happy, especially the fans and, of course, my relatives around the world.
“I will continue as I said before, because I still have the ability to keep people happy.”
The Portuguese star is set to end his career, but this year’s World Cup in Qatar will be his last.
Portugal failed to qualify for the knockout stages, which means they will have to play in the play-offs, starting with the semi-final against Turkey in March.
“I know we have two tough games. I hope it will be two,” Ronaldo continued. “It will be difficult. Everything is possible.
“We know the lottery was difficult, but it’s part of the business, part of the football. Football is a challenge.
“So we hope we are ready for battle.”
“Well, you know it’s the best. I know I’m proud of the Portuguese people. It’s a great award for them and for their country,” he said.
‘I’ve appreciated their enthusiasm since I started playing for the national team in 2004.
“It’s great, it’s always nice to play for the country, for the flag, for the family. It’s unbelievable.
I’m always very excited and very happy when I wear a Portuguese shirt, it’s a really good feeling. “

The football club’s future remains uncertain, and the EFL president has denied taking “revenge” against Derby County.

At 22:00, the English Football League fell silent on the issue in Derby County in response to the out-of-control situation last night.
If the goal of the EFL was to eliminate the humiliation of Derby fans, I doubt it did.
If it was meant to clean up the muddy water, which is a terrible story for the people in the club, I have no doubt that it was done.
From the perspective of the EFL, some key points are made. In fact, this long statement seemed very protective – but then when the organization was accused of being biased and included in the club, we probably expected such a harsh response.
Revenge against Derby “completely fictional”
The EFL has no revenge against the Derby, and the desire to see the Derby chased or collapsed is a clear indication that it is “completely fabricated and completely false.” In addition, the league said that the sale of the club was not banned at all.
But due to the content of the rest of the statement, none of this will give any comfort to Rams fans.

We now know for sure that Middlesbrough and Wicomb intended to take action against Derby County.
They both think the Rams benefit at their own expense by breaking club rules, avoiding promotion or being relegated.

However, the lawsuit still needs to be answered
The EFL has stated that potential bidders do not want to be at risk of this action (if the claim is accepted and the Derby is lost, millions will be owed).
Therefore, the club will be acquired only when these claims are resolved or disappear.
This is the biggest deadlock – Derby has denied the allegations, saying the EFL is not a participant in the ongoing arbitration and cannot comment on them.
For Derby fans, it will feel like an organization washing their hands.
Admins have less than three weeks to save the club
But the part that worries fans seems to be that the admins have until February 1, 2022, to provide proof of funding and a plan to get the derby to the end of the season. What we have now is a vicious circle of guilt.
According to the EFL, administrators have not been able to provide funding guarantees and will not allow new signatures due to this uncertainty.
However, other clubs’ claims against Derby have prevented the sale, and administrators say the claims are unfounded, but the EFL has said it cannot intervene in the process.
The question arises as to how to provide financial guarantees when the new ownership ceases to take further action, as the cash-strapped and indebted club will not be resolved soon.

Is Derby County football club still unknown?
Again, if that sounds complicated, that’s why. For many, it will be pushed from the column to the post office with no acceptable results, and everyone will feel like they are in a state of uncertainty.
The EFL has received applications from administrators and two other clubs and said it wants to resolve the issue – no one has yet guessed how fast it will happen or whether it will happen.
A glimmer of hope?
There is little light in what most people read as a dark statement. Although the club could lose its membership and be expelled from the Derby League, the EFL says it has the right to consider each case on a case-by-case basis.
Does this mean that the rams face such a fate are not currently on the card? Do you want to work around the rules to maintain your position as a founding member of the EFL?
Even if the same polite fans don’t bet on it, the situation needs to be resolved quickly.

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