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In the final post-race column of the season, Sky Formula 1’s Martin Brandel dissects all the key controversy points from the big dramatic decision-maker and says F1, while placed between “rock and hard place”, needs to change after Max Verstappen’s win for Lewis Hamilton in dramatic fashion. controversy

Martin Brundle says he cannot see how the final result of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the F1 driver’s championship could be changed by further appeals or court cases.

Congratulations to Max Verstappen on his first Formula 1 World Championship, hard-earned by speed, cunning, determination and the fantastic team behind him, in over 22 races at just 24 years old.

And simply “Wow and well done” for the amazing eighth constructors’ championship title for the great Mercedes team.

I wanted to start this column with some celebratory words, as despite the most exciting and exciting season in Formula 1, arguably the best in its 70-plus year history, there has been mostly anger and anger at a highly polarized arena and fan base along the way. this is shame.

Does Max deserve the championship? Of course he does. He drove 652 laps compared to Lewis’s 303. He left 15 of the 22 races that led the championship, including the last seven. He’s won 10 races compared to Lewis’s eight (yes, I know, we’ll start that soon), and he’s had 18 podiums in 17. He wasn’t so lucky along the way, until the last few miles of course.

Lewis deserved his eighth title just as much, and I hope they honestly share it. His superb speed, stability, determination, style, class and endurance, particularly in the closing stages, were outstanding as he made another strong start at the 288th Grand Prix as he approached 37.

The last few laps in Abu Dhabi, when the eyes of the world were on us in staggering numbers, weren’t our best moments and some things must change this winter. We definitely confused our fans on Sunday.

Massey’s difficult task is made even more difficult by the Formula One teams
Michael Massey is the Race Director, succeeding our dear friend Charlie Whiting who sadly passed away in his hotel room in Melbourne on the eve of the 2019 F1 season. Michael has a solid history of steering the Australian V8 series, which isn’t exactly a quiet job I’d imagine but nothing quite compares to the lights and pressure in the multibillion dollar F1 world.

Now if Michael wants to continue, and F1 and the FIA ​​governing body want to keep him, things have to change. Charlie largely wrote the current 98-page Sports Regulations, which run alongside the 80-page Bilingual Sports Code. There are also many other conventions and ambitions that have been created in various working groups over the years.

I don’t need to make excuses for anyone but here are some facts. F1 and the FIA ​​just delivered 39 races in 17 months in a global pandemic, including many hastily assembled events and venues. When we got off the 13-hour, 45-minute flight from Mexico City to Doha, Massey immediately boarded another plane to Jeddah to see the new facility, which was barely ready in time. Like Charlie, he’s responsible for signing these things, except we have a lot of racing in far-away places now.

Charlie W was right to be equally revered and fearful, and any sign of a team playing games in any way would quickly see Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley go through, and then I was in trouble. On top of that, Charlie had his ultimate winger Herbie Plush, the man who’s attended more F1 races than anyone else, by his side. They ate together a lot each evening, too; This was trust and bond. Herby was actually the race director for the first laps or two while Charlie got back off the starting podium in what was usually 15-18 seasons.

Jean Todt is retiring shortly after 12 years as the head of the FIA, where he has done an incredible amount of work especially in the field of road safety, it is a comprehensive role. However, as we wait for a new boss and his supporting team, I imagine the FIA ​​is a bit rudderless, certainly not afraid of teams that lived in great fear of Mosley and the phrase “bringing the sport into disrepute”.

Until this year, no wall-to-race correspondence has been broadcast, and it’s completely unacceptable to hear team bosses and team managers even anticipate situations and apply pressure. They’re just doing their jobs, but back in the days Charlie would give short attention.гледай-спайдър-мен-няма-път-към-дома-пълен

Max Verstappen passes Lewis Hamilton on the final lap in Abu Dhabi to win the 2021 F1 Championship!

Toto Wolff’s outrageous call for Massey to press for no safe car for stricken Alfa Romeo at Antonio Giovinazzi in Abu Dhabi, Christian Horner tells the world seven days ago how far Charlie Whiting is missing because network restart in Saudi Arabia felt like ‘market negotiations’ ’, which was not good for him, simply wouldn’t have happened before.

They are very competitive and subject to pressure, they use all the tools at their disposal, the power base and the direction of communication have completely changed. These tools need more organization.

And so, in what should have been one of Formula One’s best moments ever instead, we were furious and confused as Nicholas Latifi, having come off an off-track skirmish in previous corners, lost Williams to the wall in the newly accelerated Turn 14.

Hamilton’s hand extended towards the title
Prior to that time, Lewis had driven reasonably comfortably after snatching the lead away from the start – Red Bull has some work to do there – using his medium composite tires to very good effect. Again, he and Max started storming the field at a fast rate, but Mercedes covered this and simply matched Red Bull as they unloaded Max’s soft compound tires by pitting a lap later in the 14th round.

That would leave 45 and 44 laps straight to the finish for both drivers and we heard a Mercedes radio talker including Lewis say he wasn’t sure it would last, and was asked which composite tires he would prefer if there was a safety car….

When this ‘virtual safety car’ arrived on lap 35 despite Toto’s protests, Mercedes didn’t dig the Hamiltons, they were desperate to keep track of the situation. This was very cautious and probably consciously motivated by not wanting to risk having to pass Verstappen. His aggressive leadership style likely lost nothing in his psyche and decision-making process. If Max had stayed away, given Lewis’ superfast speed and then on newer tyres, he would certainly have reclaimed the lead at some point provided he could navigate safely past.

However, Lewis still had the speed to win comfortably and was holding Max in charge of the new hard tires after covering the “virtual safety car” well.

This was despite an eight-second loss by Checo Perez at his sister Red Bull who stayed on his original tyres. It was good team play, something I had pointed out very early on in the comment and would undoubtedly have managed myself on the Red Bull podium, but that doesn’t make me particularly proud of Formula 1.

Hamilton’s hand extended towards the title, having dominated the race, up to that safe car full of Latifi’s turn on lap 53 of the scheduled 58. Williams will need to lift far so the car and the guards will be on the right track.

The dramatic ending and what could F1 have done differently?
In hindsight, this should have been a red flag so everyone could reset, the track could be cleared, and we’d have a final duel live on the matching tires from a solid start. But this would set a precedent for more red flags in the future. As it could have happened again in Azerbaijan, we don’t want a race, as well as a championship, with the cars lined up finishing stationary in the pit lane.

There are just under 1,500 words in the Sporting Regulations that specify complete vehicle safety measures, including permitting the passage of rolled cars. Once the cars inevitably start pitting, especially the leaders, it’s not entirely easy to tell who actually is who they actually are. Here’s how it is defined;

“This only applies to cars that were overlapped at the time they crossed the line at the end of the lap during which they crossed the first safety car line for the second time after the safety car was deployed.”

This is clear then…

Meanwhile, the race director must manage the crash on the track with safety as a priority, join the pressure groups clamoring for teams to control what happens next or see if they can free themselves, and collect the cars still in the race. , and restart as soon as possible.

This regulation was introduced long ago to make sure that wraparound cars don’t get in the way of a pioneering fight.

Nobody wants to see the end of the safety car for any general practitioner but there is a specific procedure where the safety car on the last lap can take it to the lane and without any further overtaking of the lane can take the square flag. This results in all the right pictures without a flashing road car apparently winning the race.

Understandably, Massey didn’t want to release the wrap cars until the track was clear of the wrecked car, the rescue car, and people. The last two aspects will rightly be forever sensitive topics in motorsports. It is optional whether it is considered safe enough to allow the rolled-up cars to open themselves, of course the safety car always means either an accident, track wreck or heavy rain, but the regulations say “any rolled cars” not “all”.

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