Martin Keown hits ‘shameful’ Chelsea fans when Roman Abramovich’s name is sung in a match against Norwich City – NALABLAB NEWS

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Chelsea News: Roman Abramovich has been an integral part of Chelsea for the past 19 years. However, the Russian businessman was targeted because of his relationship with Vladimir Putin after his country declared war on Ukraine.

The owner of the Blues has had the best period in the club’s history. Under Abramovich’s leadership, Chelsea won two Champions League trophies and five Premier League trophies, among many other silverware.

That’s why it was hard for Chelsea fans to swallow the pill after the Russian billionaire announced he was selling the club. Roman Abramovich decided to do so because of the huge repercussions he has suffered in recent weeks.

Things have since gotten worse as the UK government has frozen all the businessman’s assets in the country. That includes Chelsea, and that’s why there’s a lot of uncertainty around the club.

Chelsea fans sang Roman Abramovich’s name in matches against Burnley and Norwich City. They did this after the Russian businessman announced he was selling the club.

This has received a lot of feedback from many experts and fans of other teams. Mirror said it also got on the nerves of former Arsenal and Everton player Martin Keown.

The footballer who became an expert shared his disgust in a post-match show. Martin Keown said, “I think it’s an absolute shame to see what’s happening around the world. It’s time for these Chelsea fans to grow up and show a little more respect. ”

Liz Truss, the British government’s foreign minister, said earlier that “the Russian oligarchs have the blood of the Ukrainian people”. This makes it clear that Russian businessmen were financing the war in Ukraine.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel also stood up and had previously condemned the act. The German said we should be together, and that is not the moment we sing the name of Roman Abramovich.

The Champions League-winning manager said this after Chelsea fans sang the name of Roman Abramovich in a minute’s silence in memory of the Ukrainian victims. The Premier League has fully supported Ukraine since the attack.

Why do Blues fans sing the name of Roman Abramovich?

As has been said before, Roman Abramovich has ushered in a golden age in the history of Chelsea. Ever since the club took over the club in 2003, the Russian has turned it into the European powerhouse known today.

Fans sing Abramovich’s name only in football. But given the situation in Ukraine, this seems very disrespectful to the victims of the war. Therefore, it needs to be seen if Chelsea fans will continue to do so in their next match against Newcastle United.

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