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Matt Doherty hopes he can return to the Tottenham squad by showing his form for Ireland against Scotland and Armenia.

The right-back has been playing well for Spurs, who started XI in the second half of last season, however, Doherty was injured in April and missed the end of the season.

The Dublin international was also absent from four of Ireland’s national team games in June. And as he finds fit throughout the start of the Premier League season He has yet to run out of time for Antonio Conte’s squad.

And while the fitness of the match can be an issue, Doherty claims he is ready to go on Saturday at Hampden Park, focusing on intense and day-to-day pre-season training with the North London club.

Doherty has also revealed that Conte has blessed him with leaving and playing two international games to bring back fitness to increase the chances of his club.

“I feel ready to start,” Doherty told the media on Tuesday. “We train very hard at the club level. And if you don’t start the game you are ready to start Even if you’re not off the bench.”

“That’s what he said,” Doherty said when asked if Conte wanted him to play in international games.

“He wanted me to go out and try two games. He said at a press conference that I would be ready after the full international break to qualify. That’s the plan. If Stephen obeys him!”

It is well documented how much Spurs care about the plight of their players. And while Doherty thought he was ready to go to pre-season. His manager expressed doubts on the players in that regard. And Doherty admits that Conte was actually right.

“I feel better now,” Doherty explains. “It might take a little longer than expected. I was quite ready during pre-season. But it doesn’t move that well.

“I understand where the manager comes from. Where does he think my fitness lies? And he did it in the end.”

“I know he trusts me. I know when I come back again He knows what I can do for him. And when he thinks I’m free I’m sure he’ll give me more time.

“As I said in the last three or four weeks I’m starting to feel good again Just do more things without thinking about them. Finding my confidence in training

“I’m a bit of a champion. We train very hard at club level. So I think fitness will not be an issue for two games for me.”

Doherty was forced to watch the summer series on television. And as he admitted he was nervous before the Scotland game. After two defeats to Armenia and Ukraine, he believes the team has now cultivated confidence which is doing very well. For upcoming games and future campaigns for Euro 2024

“The first few games were obviously tough, they didn’t play very well,” Doherty said. “I was a little nervous before watching the Scotland game, but the boys played unbelievably well. make them disappointed

“I know it’s the performance they have in them. It’s nice to end the summer the way we do.

“To be honest, I think that confidence is very high all the time. We have been trained well. Our game plan is always on point. So the confidence is there from the setup we have. the faith they have given us

“I think maybe at the beginning of the reign When the team manager comes in for the first time He tries to find confidence in the players. but since then Everyone is in top form and ready to play for him.”

“Of course, you always try to be consistent. We want to win every game we play. We look at the programs we have. And we think they are a winning game.

“We trust each other, the management, the players, the whole team we have faith and trust in each other. We will try and win both games.”

Doherty admits that time may be running out for some teams to participate in the big tournaments.

“Many of us are at that age who might not have much chance of getting back into serious competition,” Doherty said. “Some of us never go. including myself

“We are quite committed. We have goals that we want to achieve. And I think we have the ability

“I know people might not think so. But I feel like I know football. I know how good the players are. How much do they listen to the manager?

“I think we can achieve something, yes.”

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