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Mikel Arteta apologizes for 'unacceptable' Arsenal match after 3-0 loss to Crystal Palace, News Sky Sports, sky sports

Gunners manager Mikel Arteta said after Arsenal’s failure to advance to the quarterfinals. Kieran Tierney misses the rest of the season with a knee injury

Mikel Arteta said Arsenal did not compete with Crystal Palace and felt their performance was unacceptable as they were beaten 3-0 at Selhurst Park

Mikel Arteta apologizes for ‘unacceptable’ Arsenal match after 3-0 loss to Crystal Palace

Gunners manager Mikel Arteta said after Arsenal’s failure to advance to the quarterfinals. Kieran Tierney misses the rest of the season with a knee injury

Mikel Arteta apologizes to Arsenal supporters for his team’s “unacceptable” performance in the 3-0 loss to Crystal Palace.

The Gunners’ top four hopes took a toll on Palace, as a result of which Tottenham finished fourth after the Premier League weekend.

The Gunners face their North London rivals, but this was not a match for Arteta’s character as Jean-Philippe Mateta and Jordan Ayew’s first half goals and Wilfried Zaha’s penalty kick in the second half scored fantastic goals. Palace Point.

Arteta, who missed left-back Kieran Tierney due to a knee injury in both recent friendly matches against Scotland, has criticized his team’s performance, acknowledging that he did not compete physically with Palace.

“Congratulations on how Palace played, but we made it impossible because of the way we competed,” he told Sky Sports.

“You have to be physical and you have to be able to run. Then you get the right to play. We were really inconsistent with the ball and that was unacceptable.

“We were particularly poor in the first half. Sorry to the supporters. Today we have neither room nor room to control the situation. So that is what annoys me the most. Some days you This is not there and you are always late, they got over it and had a good mood and we couldn’t get out.

“When we had the big opportunity, we didn’t score to give ourselves the best chance to get back to the game. First of all we have to raise our hands and get the criticism we deserve. Then we accept it and we look at ourselves. . Look in the mirror and watch the next game, this was not enough.

“We have to face the challenge and the opportunity is in our hands. We have to be honest with ourselves and support each other.

“From the beginning we didn’t participate in the race. When we come here we have to compete, we have to be aggressive and win duels and second balls. And we were none of them and we were really poor on the ball.

“We tried in the second half and there were three or four big chances but it was only half the chance that they got the penalty.

“It’s time to accept the criticism, raise your hand, apologize because this performance wasn’t enough for this club and then react. If all goes well, everyone is there and wants to support.”

Arteta asked if one of the reasons for the defeat was the pressure Spurs put on them in the top-four race.

He replied: “No, there has been pressure in the last 7 or 8 weeks. We didn’t perform today. It’s that simple. We were second best in all the departments. It’s that simple. We still have the game. There’s going to be a lot going on in game 9. We have to focus on ourselves.”

Regarding Tierney’s injury, Arteta has admitted that the situation is not positive for the Scottish full-back. “He came back from international duty and he felt something was wrong with his knee,” Arteta said. “We scanned it and there is some damage.

“He’s seeing a specialist on Tuesday and he’s hoping to know more, but he’s not feeling well.”\

Rooney: ‘Could be fatal for Arsenal’
Wayne Rooney of Monday Night Football:

“Crystal Palace was great. Conor Gallagher’s intensity really affects the other players and you’ll see the reaction of them. To be honest, I thought 3-0 deserved it.

“It could be a detrimental result for Arsenal, but I’m sure Mikel Arteta will work hard to fight back and this match will allow them to break their hearts.

“They have a lot of important matches ahead and they are still in pole position. I just think there are so many young players that this could hurt them. Tottenham have a little more experience that could help them. cross the line.”


Arsenal were soundly beaten 3-0 at Crystal Palace

Kara: Important Arsenal don’t panic
Jamie Carragher of Monday Night Football:

“It’s a bad night for Arsenal. The way they lose is not only the three points but I think it’s very important that they are not embarrassed and free of hysteria. They are still in a really good position. Tottenham and Manchester United.

“They have won 5 games at home in the bounce, so we are talking about 15 points in 18 games at home. They would have taken it in 6 games at home.

“It was a bad game and I am concerned that this could happen two or three more times. Other teams will be encouraged by the way Palace plays.

“I think that will be a really big boost for Tottenham and Manchester United tonight. Not just Arsenal but the way they lose. It’s important that they don’t panic.”

Vieira: I’m so proud

Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira said: “We were really good at football. We played well and we had the chances. We scored at the crucial moments of the game. We had a big We needed a team performance and we did it and we’re really happy with it.

“We wanted to press and the atmosphere allowed us to take that risk. We were really clever with the way we defended from the front and we got the chance to score.

“This football club is all about supporting the team and we really feel it when we are at home. The players are tired but the biggest difference is the atmosphere and the fans behind the players.”

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