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Mikel Arteta has made a big decision for Arsenal

Mikel Arteta took over captain Pierre-Emerick Obameyan after a second disciplinary offense, but who will replace him as Arsenal manager?
Arsenal are looking for a new captain after Mikel Arteta made a bold decision to fire Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
Aubameyang, who returned from a trip abroad for personal reasons during Saturday’s 3-0 win over Southampton, was stripped of his captaincy.
The 32-year-old was allowed to fly to France to meet his mother, but did not return after an agreement was reached.
He was removed from the squad “due to a disciplinary violation” and Arteta has now untied him.
During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Arteta declined to elaborate on the club’s announcement, but suggested directions for further steps.
“We have a leadership group and I think there are different players who have been nominated for the captaincy in the last game. It’s Laka (Zette) and Granite (Jacka) who was the captain, so we’ll follow that,” he said.
“Obviously, this is a very unpleasant situation and it is not the time to make an urgent decision.
“That management team is really strong, it has a very clear and strong relationship with itself and the coaching staff and the club.
“We’re going to continue like this, and that’s one of the decisions we’ve made, and we’re going to try to improve this group a little bit, train them, get the right feedback, build a trust and a strong culture. Around the club. It’s working really well. so we will continue to do so. “
From here, mirror football will take a closer look at the leadership group ….
Alexander Lacazette

Alexander Lacazette captained Arsenal against Southampton on Saturday

Aubameyang’s best friend on the team may be someone who will cut his ribbon in the long run.
In Aubameyang’s absence, Lacazette won the captain’s game against Southampton on Saturday.
From this simple fact, it is possible that if he makes a definite decision, he will be the most likely person to succeed his friend.


However, there is one problem: Lacazette’s contract expires on July 1.
The 30-year-old striker has been with Arsenal since 2017 and has been a reliable striker, if not a success for the club.
Giving him the captain’s position means a long-term deal, which Arsenal may not want to do.
Granit Xhaka

Granit Xhaka was removed from Unai Emery’s Arsenal captain in 2019

Granit Xhaka came before Aubameyang. Unai Emery removed the Swiss midfielder from the Arsenal captain’s chair in November 2019 after telling fans to “distance” him as a substitute in the game against Crystal Palace.
Emery explained that the decision was made to get him out of the line of fire, but Aubameyang took on the role and kept it until Tuesday.
Jaka’s reputation has been restored under Arteta, and he remains an important central midfielder, as evidenced by his refusal to join Roma in the summer.
He previously played the role and worked at the club for five years, but Arteta is unlikely to re-employ him.
Rob Holding

Rob Holding (center) is part of the leadership group

After returning from Bolton five years ago, Holding spent considerable time adjusting to life in London.
But the 26-year-old is starting to find his footing in the Emirates, and despite struggling with injuries in recent years, an important part of Arteta’s long-term plan is clear.
Therefore, the center guard is part of the management team and is considered a member of the team with a voice in the locker room.
It remains to be seen whether he will be selected as a permanent captain ahead of Jack and Lacazette, but he is an experienced first-team player.

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