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FSG can put an end to doubts about the future of Mohamed Salah and give Liverpool fans the perfect Christmas present this year.

Liverpool have a short taste of life without Mohamed Salah.
You will not like it.
As planned for the Africa Cup of Nations, Egypt’s Sadio Mane and Nabi Keita will travel to Cameroon in January to face the Reds for the Premier League title.
Jürgen Klopp’s side scored for fun, but Brentford and Crystal Palace are the only top scorers in the division in the Premier League. big blow.
Chelsea, the 29-year-old former Liverpool team, will be able to do that.
With two League Cup semi-final appearances and a FA Cup third-round tie against Shrewsbury Town and a draw in the fourth round, Salah will be left with the hope of winning a moving silver medal in January this year. teammates.
The striker was undoubtedly one of the best players in world football, having won the African Cup of Nations since his arrival, and was able to defend his interests at the time, despite the lack of silverware. Disappointed with the seventh of this year’s awards, he was really stopped.
With Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the limelight, Klopp’s side are set to join Manchester City in the Premier League title race as they qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations in January.
It will be hard for Liverpool fans to remember a time when he was not parting ways, scoring seven Premier League games in four and a half years with the club and seven substitutions in 163 Premier League appearances for the Reds.
It had the same history in the Champions League, so Liverpool will miss one of the continent’s 52 games, beating the Reds’ famous Barcelona 4-0 in May 2019.
Now it’s going to be a nightmare from the outside and a scene that Liverpool don’t want to look like without Mohamed Salah.
Imagine the fear if Klopp’s side could not write a new program with the club in January to see how they would play if they were working fast without him.
The 29-year-old’s contract expires after 18 years, and Anfield have expressed interest in joining the club, but have expressed their support for his high position in the game.
Klopp also wants to keep it, but like Gini Weinaldum, the FSG can’t help but work with the Dutchman and send him away for free.

Fans of the Reds are determined to hate the situation with Salah again, but the less progress they make in the experiment, the more they will worry that the short taste of life without an Egyptian in January may become their reality.
He is not ashamed of those who want him to be paid according to the final calculation, the standard Liverpool, everything that works.
But such a salary package would easily be removed from Anfield’s FSG salary and cause a big headache for the Reds’ American owners.
If we reach the end of our campaign and his working conditions are not resolved, Liverpool will be left with the problem of selling in the summer or accepting the Egyptian young man, who will be able to negotiate in advance and leave for free. Signed contracts with foreign clubs in January 2023.
Could January 2022 be the month that will determine the future of Salah Anfield?
With the Reds leading the moon as a striker, they have been unable to keep their toes in the transfer market while maintaining the latest minimal business trends.
If Liverpool score with or without an Egyptian and start to lag behind Manchester City in the title race, they will not like this position on the terrace.
However, questions for the FSG on this topic are nothing new.
There are a few new faces again, but other additions that have been in a similar situation lately.

In the summer, only after Ibrahim Konata signed, the Reds confirmed that Jordan Henderson had signed a new long-term contract with the club on the final day of the transfer window to soften the blow.
Last January, they waited for Ozan Kabak and Ben Davis to sign as emergency center-backs, confirming that Joel Matip would not be available this season, and in December 2019, a double new player arrived for Christmas. Jurgen Klopp and James Milner contract announcement.
Meanwhile, Virgil Van Dyke, who was a late Christmas present 12 months ago, eased Philip Coutinho’s imminent blow before the transfer window opened, easing fan frustration after half a season and upsetting the club not signing. new center guard in the summer.
Can similar tactics be used to defeat Salah, Mane and Keita in the Africa Cup of Nations, and perhaps wait quietly for the transfer window?
Liverpool fans don’t want much at Christmas, they just need one thing.
They may have to wait a little longer, but after a month without the king of Egypt, January will be the perfect time to put an end to the uncertainty about Salah’s future.

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