MrBeast supports the TeamSeas campaign by getting slapped every time fans donate to the cause

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MrBeast is known as one of the topmost influencers and content creators on YouTube. His hilarious challenges and takes on trends, along with the inclusion of a lot of money attract a lot of audiences. Some of his famous activities in past comprise of getting billboards for Pewdiepie during his subscriber battle against T-series. His latest endeavor where he recreated the Squid Game challenge was also widely popular among both his fans and critics. MrBeast, MrBeast TeamSeas, MrBeast slap donation, MrBeast support TeamSeas

But apart from his antics, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is also known for his philanthropic work. In the last months of 2019, he successfully led the #TeamTrees initiative to plant 20 million trees before 2020. This time, he has undertaken a project that will help up in cleaning the water bodies of our planet, known as #TeamSeas.

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MrBeast raises money for #TeamSeas by getting slapped in the face for donations

MrBeast along with fellow YouTuber Mark Rober had launched this initiative to collect $30 million that will be used to clean 30 million pounds of wastes floating on large water bodies around the world. In the first week since the launch of #TeamSeas, they were able to collect $7 million within a week.

To make the process more entertaining for their fans and donators, the team held a livestream where they slapped themselves whenever a donation came through. The larger the amount of donation, the larger will be the slap they get. Moreover, whenever someone donates $1000, MrBeast himself will be slapped by a large “Hand of God” which will push him to a pool filled with foam blocks.

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There are also some prizes for the lucky donators. They get a chance to tech-related gadgets like phones, TVs, etc. Such a wacky but effective way has again shown us how popular MrBeast is around the world. Looking at the appreciation that he gets for his content, his future as a content creator will be grander.



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