Munster addressing scrum issues – Kyriacou

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Munster forwards coach Andi Kyriacou says he is confident their struggling problems will not be repeated against Edinburgh on Friday night.

The province maintained its contact with the top eight of the BKT United Rugby Championship with a 24-17 win against Connacht on Saturday. But there was a problem in the first half of the game. by losing several penalties Before the experience of John Ryan and Jeremy Lofman saw them hit a second-half set-piece.

Kyriacou said it was an area of ​​great interest ahead of Friday night’s trip to the Scottish capital.

“We review ourselves like we always do. First, we look at ourselves. We don’t look at what Connacht is doing. It’s how we get better and control ourselves,” said the Munster striker.

“We did a good job at the front yesterday. And overall today we made it again.

“We know we have to do better in that area. And we are doing everything we can to make those spaces fit over the weekend.”

The province is now awaiting the results of a scan of second-half Jack Crowley (below), who injured his calf in Saturday night’s win over Connacht.

And although the province has yet to rule him out of Friday night’s race in Edinburgh, But it doesn’t seem like a long-term problem.

“I can’t tell you what the scan results are. But he trained today. He finished practicing today.

“We’ll wait and see how he reacts to things and move forward as his body tells us.”

Meanwhile, full-back Mike Haley is following up to perform procedures for last weekend’s concussion. Meanwhile, Peter Omahoni is available after suffering a facial injury in the same game.

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Conor Murray, Andrew Conway, Keynan Knox and Fineen Wycherley are among 10 players unavailable due to injury. But the province has seen their squad bolstered in recent weeks by the return of several first-team squads. after suffering injuries earlier in the season.

And while Kyriacou says they hope to be able to reap the benefits of more consistent team picks in the coming weeks. He believes the additional exposure for young players this season can help them in the long run.

“It is very important that we go as far as possible in our team. I think we’re at 55 or 56 [player used], that’s how far we can go down.

“It’s great in one way. because it makes children have a chance to touch more have a large number of employees So they caught up with the system. But it’s a nice luxury to know you can choose from the cohort we have when they’re ready.

“We can practice more consistency in our time. our understanding of how each other works And those key parts that we’re trying to drive as a group. those training.”

Friday’s rivals Edinburgh have had an inconsistent season, winning four and losing four of their eight games, losing 24-17 to Benetton in their last away game.

However, Kyriacou said he didn’t read too many form books. because the province is more concerned with their own work

“It doesn’t sound like a compliment or anything. But we are very performance driven. In terms of what we’re looking for week in week out and that’s what we’re still doing.

“Weekly, how are our performances? And can we continually improve?

“We feel more comfortable with our bodies. And the way we tried to attack and defend, everyone started to understand what we as a coaching group had brought to us.

“We just concentrate on the results week after week. And we don’t focus too much on what other teams are doing. And that puts us on the ladder. If we do a good job We believe we will be in a good position, in a position to win games.

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