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Of course, a single game does not impact a team’s overall record the same way that it does an NFL team. In the NBA, teams play multiple games per week. That is not changing anytime soon, especially with the Golden State Warriors needing to host as many events as possible in their palatial $1.4 billion estate.

However, this doesn’t mean that the regular season lacks entertainment value. While the NBA regular season might lack night-to-night consequence, it provides more opportunities to see teams grow together, young players get better, and acrobatic performances only rivaled by trapeze acts.

Also, with teams playing two-four times per week, there are games every night. While every game doesn’t have playoff-seeding consequences, a play worth remembering forever can take place any night.

Disclaimer, if a player is a surprise scratch due to injury or rest, don’t get mad at us. Many of you regularly watch football games with third-string quarterbacks starting.

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