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Newcastle United’s Saudi owners have been relatively quiet about spending in the transfer market so far, but other players in the PL will be aware of the potential for Paris Saint-Germain-style results.

I’m watching Newcastle’s transfer window with interest this summer…I can guarantee you the whole of the Premier League will be.

It was a bit strange, because no one from any club in the top flight really said what everyone was thinking: they could change the shape of English football forever. Without a doubt, the club’s owners have the ability to spend more than any other club in the world if they allow it.

We’ve seen what PSG have done in the transfer market and the devastating effect some clubs like Barcelona have had trying to compete with them. We have seen the impact of Manchester City.

If Newcastle’s owners can find a way to maneuver around FFP rules and the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability laws, they will indeed be able to compete with those two clubs, as well as every other big weapon in English football. I have no doubt they will try too. The club is owned by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, and there’s a clue in its name. Newcastle is an investment and there is a desire to see a return on that investment.

How to do this? Just grow your club. That means investing in players, investing in training grounds, medical care, testing, fitness, conditioning and everything else that supports players. Do you know how many French titles Paris Saint-Germain won before Qatar Sports Investment took over? Two. With that, they won eight. It also changed European football. They are essentially owned by the Qatari ruler’s investment arm, just as Newcastle is owned by an independent investment fund. If the Saudis can spend big, the effect could be similar.

That’s why the entire Premier League is watching closely. Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and even Liverpool have had recent success, but they know that if the league changes, the league will change completely. West Ham, Villa, Leicester and Wolves, who have ambitions to finish in the top six, will know they are in for a tough fight. And even the likes of Manchester City and Manchester United will eventually find themselves facing a transfer market war.

Dutch defender Sven Botman was one of Newcastle’s most popular summer signings.

I think Everton will also be watching closely. They had ambitions to reach the top 6 and returned with the sponsorship of Farhad Moshiri, who is not only a billionaire but also one of the richest people in the world. I don’t know the details of what happened there, but I know a lot of people involved with the club, and they all tell me the same thing, the discussions with the Premier League about the profit and sustainability rules have created life. difficult in the transfer market.

I understand this, and I could be wrong, they had to run things according to the Premier League and that’s why Richarlison was sold to balance the books and avoid punishment. I don’t think they’re out of the woods yet, and I don’t think they can continue spending now without getting approval from the league. So they will be watching Newcastle’s situation like a hawk. Newcastle have done good business so far. A few years ago, Pep Guardiola went out and whatever it felt like at the time, that’s what I was saying! – £50m each for four defenders to strengthen their backline. For me, this is the key to success.

Look at PSG. You can have all the attacking talent you want, but if your defense is bad, it’s very easy to win Ligue 1, but it’s very difficult to win the biggest trophy…! Sven Botman is a good signing. There is no doubt that the developing young center half can become one of the best in the world with the right coaching. They need a tough defender who can get the ball out of defense.

Nick Pope also gave them a quality goalkeeper and also spent £15m on loan at left-back Matt Targett. And I hope to sign more. But how much have the new owners already spent, isn’t it around £150m? The rules also state that you must limit your turnover-related expenses. Again, I’m hardly an expert, but the bottom line in my opinion is that large sponsorship deals from companies associated with club owners cannot be accepted unless they can be shown to be based on fair market value.

Everton were hit with a ban on Alisher Usmanov, who was one of their main sponsors, which certainly caused them problems. They and all the other clubs are probably looking at what Newcastle will do with sponsorship as they have already spent enough money. I hear they may need to sell Allan Saint-Maximin to balance their books, so the Premier League is also watching closely. But their owners can blow everyone out of the water… they will want to do it and keep Newcastle in the top four and among Europe’s elite clubs. Only two questions remain, how long will it take and how will they do it within the rules?

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