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The job of getting Newcastle United is a cold, hard reality

Unlike his rivals in the knockout stages of the Premier League, Brentford has never had the opportunity to follow Newcastle and Norwich and press the panic button, and the manager has changed.
It was just a matter of believing in the process to hold their nerves after four defeats. The result is false; The basic dimensions are not. Despite losing to Burnley, Brentford had hoped to score after the game.
As United tragically end their disappointing campaign in November with a disappointing first victory, you wonder if Newcastle’s new boss, Eddie Howe, has calmed down as the results have improved.
Under the silent and exciting Dean Smith, United will face some very important days, starting with the inevitable win over Norwich, the new manager’s success. With the exception of January’s real change window, it’s hard to see them in the top six in the second half of the season, so staying connected with your relegated opponents is the most important issue tonight and Saturday.
Newcastle has always focused on such calculations because they did not follow the Brentford model of patient retention based on reliable evidence. Steve Bruce left the club in the Premier League, but while Mike Ashley was asleep, they won points here and there.
There was no philosophy or plan to improve, just the instinct to survive that evaporated at the start of the season as they faced the Premier League, which was in full force when the fans returned. It’s a legacy inherited by Howe, and once we’re impressed with his work behind the scenes, we need to find evidence that we can all save the season.

Brentford was extravagant, but it was a good start. But there was little reason to believe Saturday. They still don’t have a clean slate to show their efforts this season: Howe’s plans to attack tonight can’t be ruled out the mistakes we’ve seen in the last week.
At least it’s not a hole of despair. If Ashley continued to lead, it would be eliminated, but the new guardians will bring new hope. After weeks of silence, they must prove the guilt of the skeptics outside Tineside in January.

Despite this week’s optimism, two months after taking office, there is still much we don’t know. 80% of stakeholders still bite their tongues while the PIF is still visible; They are in control of Newcastle’s new order, but few in football are confident of their plans.
In fact, a lot of work has been done behind the scenes, but there are still no signs of real change. Couldn’t wait for a change of management. But the role of football director, which is crucial to securing a new era, remains unfulfilled, and there is no CEO – many will see Newcastle as a sign of where it intends to go under Saudi control. We’ve heard a lot about the process, but we’ve also heard a little bit about the details: who makes the decisions, what role Amanda Staveli and Mehrdad Gossie play, and how the call can be made faster, more efficiently, and more quickly in the near future.
They are studying at work, and January is Newcastle’s first test of intent. The consortium has 31 days left until the January window, and the current team will not keep them in the Premier League as much as they would like, so players need to be ready to leave.
In the short term, they just need to be connected. The road to January starts tonight.

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