Nia Jax out of action for an undisclosed period

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WWE Raw: Top Female Superstar will be out of action for an undisclosed period. Check who is this superstar
WWE Raw: Top Female Superstar will be out of action for an undisclosed period. Check who is this superstar

WWE Raw: WWE Raw Superstar Nia Jax is out of in-ring action for an undisclosed amount of time. The announcement came on the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, where Kayla Braxton announced that the WWE medical team has ruled out Nia for an undisclosed period as she needs surgery on her elbow as she is suffering an elbow posterior fracture.

As seen this past week on Mondy Night Raw, Nia Jax was viciously attacked by Shayna Baszler right after the women battled in a singles match. Baszler picked up the victory by making Nia submit to her sleeper hold. She then snapped at ringside and attacked her former friend before walking backstage.

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The attack was vicious as she targeted her left arm and made sure she was left reeling in pain. She first crushed Nia’s left arm on the steel stairs and then stomped over it. Nia was screaming in sheer pain and agony, but Shayna didn’t show any mercy whatsoever.

WWE Raw: Is Nia Jax’s injury legitimate or kayfabe?

As far as the assault from Shayna Baszler is concerned, it was a legitimate one, and as per its looks, it seems like Nia must be suffering a legitimate injury. However, the attack Nia went through this past Monday was only to write her off WWE TV.

WWE Raw: What next for Shayna Baszler on Monday Night Raw?

The assault on Nia was just a glimpse of what Shayna Baszler is capable of. Monday Night’s Shayna gave a reminiscence of the persona she had in her NXT days. Many would agree to the fact that Shayna Baszler’s main roster run hasn’t been as intimidating as her run in NXT. 

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However, now it seems like Shayna will get herself incorporated in the Raw Women’s Championship picture after what transpired on this past week’s Monday Night Raw. 



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