Nicho Hynes is one of rugby league’s best role models

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This guy is one of the more remarkable people on the planet.

Not just athletes, but society in general.

The racism in rugby league is still evident. Despite the efforts of many Individuals and the NRL themselves, Latrell Mitchell appears to be a huge target, both on and off the field.

Mitchell plays with his heart on his sleeve and is proud of his heritage.

He is in the top ten athletes to have been played any sport for Australia.

Perhaps this is the reason a few think that supporting their team warrants making racial remarks, simply because they are that good.

Mitchell’s mental strength as an athlete is remarkable, everybody knows it. He is streets ahead in terms of his own self-belief that he he is happy to throw grenades all over an opposition, knowing he will back it up with results.

Having said that, his strength as a person is far greater.

Over the past few years it appears that there are supporters from the other 16 teams who think that racial slurs would, somehow, impact his game.


In fact, he has stopped games to call them out and then improved his performances after, but it’s his ability directly after a game and talking to the media that shows the greatest strength of all.

He has taken his status and turned into a voice, and does it consistently.

Latrell, I am white and you are a role model for my children and myself and all others.

Nicho Hynes, also of indigenous heritage, deserves the same amount of praise.

Whilst going through some well-documented family issues, he has shown immense support for his mate and the game he loves.

Nicho appears to be the type who has looked adversity in the eye and said, “I can make a difference.”

In his comments after cooling off, he also stated that the well-being of the abuser should be considered, when the rest of us, myself included, want him thrown under the bus.

It has come out that the individual is 15 years old and Nicho has suggested that “he should be getting the biggest consequences,” which we all agree with.

But he also made a statement about education and his support network, stating, “It could be a reflection of the people around him or what he’s been taught in life.”

These are quite remarkable comments from a person who is also in the limelight, also has a team that relies on him, is also indigenous and has significantly other family matters on his plate.

This is a man of pure heart and understanding.

This is a man of heart.

Both Latrell and Nicho need support and if this isn’t showing what leadership is, I don’t know what will.

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