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Tottenham boss Nuno Espirito hopes Santo Harry Kane’s midweek trio will help kick off the Premier League season.

The England captain scored a hat-trick in Thursday’s 20-1 win over NS Murag 5-1 in the European Conference League.

But Kane, who wanted to leave the club after the summer’s turmoil, has successfully launched a domestic campaign, failing to score in five Premier League games before visiting Aston Villa on Sunday.

He has not scored in six Premier League games since 2015 and hopes Nuno will continue his European camouflage career.

“We want it and everyone hopes so,” Nuno said. “That’s what we need, the best players on the team.”
Tottenham boss Nuno Espirito Santo was pleased with his side’s 5-1 win over NS Mura in the European Conference on Thursday.
Named manager of the Premier League in August, Nuno came under pressure after a horrific September defeat to the Spurs 3 on September 3rd.

He was heavily criticized for his style of governing the club in Sunday’s 3-1 defeat to Arsenal in the North London derby, but said the public’s decision did not allow him to be influenced.

“Football is exactly what it is. Criticism is something we have to be prepared for,” he said. “I understand the criticism, but I don’t pay attention to it,” he said. My goal is to help the team find solutions to help the players. That is my goal.

“I’ve had a lot of criticism, a lot of kind words and praise throughout my career, but nothing has changed. I’m still the same person. “

Despite playing in the lower division, Spurs regained their confidence in the middle of the week before Villa’s visit.

“The game itself changes a lot, but it doesn’t eliminate all the problems we have,” Nuno added. “It makes it easier to prepare everyone better with confidence and good humor. It’s important, but we know that Sunday will be a different game against a very good opponent.

‘They have a talented team and a very good manager, so we have a difficult job ahead of us.

“But we will be ready. The home factor will be huge for us. With the support and atmosphere of the fans, we will compete and play games.”

Nuno has been appointed Tottenham boss this summer after four years with Wolf.

Spurs will be without Steven Bergwign and Ryan Cessegnon, while defender Ben Davis will miss the app.

“He has an inflammatory problem in the appendix,” said Nuno, a Welsh left-back. He was cared for and tested but could not play (Thursday).

“We want him to heal quickly and join us.”

Brian Gill impressed Spurs with a 5-1 win over NS Mura at home on Thursday.

Regui & Gil: Check out Spurs’ Spanish-language connection
It moved the geniuses and breathed a sigh of relief from the hardened spirits that healed Arsenal’s lantern.

Zan Karniknik of Mura County may still be wondering how this happened. Right-back Pierluigi looks ready to take possession of Gollini’s long ball, but Brian Gill has already figured out his image.

What he did was offer Tottenham another ray of light at the end of the dark month and reach out with his right foot to escape the mark on the left wing.

The Spurs are hoping for more exciting games in the future, but Gil is happy to turn the first games of the Europa League into a game of entertainment against bad opponents. The 20-year-old’s stock has been rising steadily.

Nilo Espirito Santo’s preference for a gradual easing was obviously due to Gil’s participation in Tilo’s Tokyo event, but fans are making a fuss over his Premier League debut against Aston Villa this weekend.
“Fans have made me feel at home from day one,” Gil said. Air sports. “I feel their trust in me, and it helps me calm down.

‘Substituting for Manchester City in the first leg was an unprecedented experience in football. The atmosphere inside the stadium was amazing. I was overwhelmed by the noise and the stadium, and I felt the size of this club. “

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