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European champions will not be able to participate in the FIFA World Cup for the second time

Northern Macedon players celebrate Italy’s World Cup play-off victory

Italy’s 1-0 away win over Northern Macedonia means the European champions will not play in this year’s FIFA World Cup. The semi-finals of the playoffs will be a spectacular one, with Alexander Traikovsky defeating Northern Macedonia at the last minute and playing Portugal for the right to play in Qatar.
The Guardian writes that last summer’s victory over England in Euro 2020 was a bitter memory for the Italian national team. As in the 2018 playoffs, the Azzurri failed to reach the final of the World Cup for the second time.
This is “a real sporting disaster” for Italy, according to the BBC. “Assuming they reach the 2026 final, Azzurri and their fans will be without World Cup football for 12 years.”
Senior defender Giorgio Chiellini said he “destroyed and crushed” the Italian national team after their defeat in Palermo on Thursday night. “I am just happy. “Since September, we have made mistakes and compensated for the damage.”
“It was a nightmare,” Italian midfielder Marco Verratti told RAI Sport. “Looking around the locker room, we had players in the tournament, but here we are talking about a catastrophe. It’s really hard to move from hero to zero.”
Italian newspapers were “in a terrible situation” after the defeat, according to the Daily Mail. Tuttosport has a simple title: “No!” but the front page of the Corriere dello Sport had the headline “To Hell.”
Italy’s best-selling sports daily, La Gazzetta dello Sport, described the aftermath of the quake as “out of the world”, Sky Sports reported. Head coach Roberto Mancini is “devastated” and is thinking about the future.
Portugal needs to “respect” Northern Macedonia
Traikovsky’s victory sparked a “wild celebration” among Northern Macedonian players, staff and traveling fans, Sky News reported. This was undoubtedly the best result in the history of the country, which gained independence after the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991.
Northern Macedonia is just 90 minutes away from the tournament, according to the BBC. Before Euro 2020, they had never played in the Euros or the World Cup. The next trip to Portugal is “not over yet”. However, the result in Italy is “undisputed playoff frustration”.
Portugal head coach Fernando Santos has warned his players that Northern Macedonia could shock Italy, and he has been confirmed to be right, Reuters reports. Santos told a news conference that Portugal now “needs to respect Northern Macedonia as much as it does Italy.” “I told you before we played them, these games are not a joke, it’s like the final and anything can happen. You have to focus and focus on that. You don’t need an introduction to the team that went to Italy and won the European Championships.”
“Impossible results”

PlanetFootball says international football is “full of rewards” and that it is “better for him”. Northern Macedonia’s victory over Italy is the latest in an “impossible tradition” of international football. Five years ago, Northern Macedonia was ranked 166th in the world, but now they have eliminated European champions and made a big step forward in the biggest competition in the world of sports.
The Sun asked how this victory compared to other major shocks. “The fact that the Italians did not play in Qatar this winter will be one of the biggest surprises in the history of international football.”

Manchester United may offer Declan Rice captain’s armband after ‘huge’ exchange news – Mills
According to Danny Mills, Manchester United can take Declan Rice away from West Ham by promising him captain.
In an interview with Football Insider only, the former Manchester City and England defender Rice said that his next step would be “a big carrot”.
The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday (March 22nd) that West Ham will pay £ 150m for the 23-year-old, with Manchester United leading the race to sign him.

Fabrizio Romano said on the same day that Manchester City were looking for a new defensive midfielder for Fernandinho’s future.
Asked if this would open the door to checking Rice’s possible deal with rivals in the city, Mills Football Insider reporter Connor Whitley said: “It will be very expensive.
‘There are other players at Manchester City and they have Rodri who can play that role.
“I’m not sure he doesn’t have to do that to spend £ 120 million, £ 130 million, £ 140 million. They spent £ 100 million on Jack Grill and he really didn’t need it.
“We know Declan is a Chelsea fan, but we don’t know what will happen there, but we can assume that this will be resolved.
“Manchester United may turn around and say, ‘Teacher is the captain,’ which could be a big carrot for Declan Rice.”

Rice captained West Ham for most of the season, with Mark Noble limited to just eight starts in all competitions.
Noble is set to retire at the end of the season to captain England.

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