Organizers attempt to revitalize the Super League with expansion plans – Gapuran Sport

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The new European Super League can feature up to 80 teams in multiple divisions. said the competition’s senior management.

The competition will be based on sporting results only, with no permanent members, A22 chief executive Bernd Reichart told German newspaper Die Welt.

The team will be guaranteed at least 14 matches per season, Reichart wrote.

A22, a company set up to support and help build the Super League, has consulted with nearly 50 European clubs since October last year. and developed 10 principles from that consultation. which supports plans for a new look league.

Reichart wrote: “The foundations of European football are in danger of collapsing.

“It’s time for a change. It is a club that has to bear the risks of being an entrepreneur in football. But when important decisions are at stake They are often forced to sit still. on the sidelines as sporting and financial foundations collapsed around them.”

“Our talks made it clear that clubs often find it impossible to speak publicly against a system that uses the threat of sanctions to thwart the opposition.

“Our negotiations were open, direct, constructive and gave a clear idea of what changes were needed and how they would be implemented. There is a lot to do and we will continue the conversation.”

A22 have challenged UEFA and FIFA’s right to block the establishment of the Super League and punish clubs competing on the pitch. It argues that the regulator is abusing its dominant position under EU competition law.

The European Court of Justice is due to make a final decision on the case later this year. But the Advocate General’s non-binding opinion in December said the rules allowing UEFA and FIFA to block the formation of new competitions were compatible. with EU law

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